Ran, Kerry, Ran


Sorry about the non-updates yesterday, I left my phone in our car, which was thoughtfully dropped off in Newton by Steve’s parents early in the morning when they dropped Kerry in Boston to catch her bus to Hopkinton. So without the phone I had no way to twitter. I kept impulsively grabbing for my phone to type a quick update, but no dice. Those of you who read her run, kerry, run site and wanted to follow along could easily have gotten her bib number to track her down. =) Maybe you did?

It seems difficult to process such a monumental achievement and I didn’t even do the running, so I cannot imagine how kerry will post about her marathon experience. Give her time, she is headed to Paris this weekend after all.

We spotted her twice, once at mile 12 on the Natick/Wellesley line and then again 50 feet from the official finish. She gave high fives and blew kisses in Wellesley, but only heard her Dad cheering just before she crossed the line.

I easily convinced about 40 people to hold our “kerry on a sticks” in Wellesley and when I went to collect them more than one person said they really wanted to keep it. My schpeel, “If you are going to be around for a bit will you consider holding a sign for my sister-in-law who raised over 6 thousand dollars for Children’s Hospital, we’re incredibly proud, her name is Kerry and she looks like this.” Kerry saw many photos of herself in the hands of cheerleaders she had never met who later called the experience of spotting her and holding her face as “incredible!” She sure was!

The weather turned hot, too hot, and things got tough for her in the end, but she made the turn down Boylston and you never would have known that there was a single second that she wasn’t smiling and sprinting. She finished in about 5 hours and though I have been to many marathons and spotted many people, never have I experienced the anxiety and excitement and overwhelming pride that I felt while waiting for Kerry in front of Marathon Sports (how appropriate) on Boylston.

Extra EXTRA special thanks to Mrs. Mac and her fabulous sister for securing such a sweet spot to catch our first glimpse and to Larry for offering not only a parking spot off Clarendon just a few blocks from the finish, but inviting us into his home while we waited for Kerry to collect her belongings and make her way to the fam. The McFam is forever grateful to you all!

So she did it! We could NOT POSSIBLY be more proud of her! Photos and VIDEO forthcoming, but until then from Auntie C who finished with her…

As for Caroline… She did sleep through the Wellesley stop (and a whistling commuter rail that passed within 10 feet of her), but was WIDE AWAKE for the finish, and a complete dreamboat for the duration of the very busy emotional day. She crashed out in the car and slept until after 7 this morning. I warned daycare that she might be clingy and extra hungry today. Did I mention she is wearing capris and a tank top? Forecast today is 75 and sunny. We sent her in with sunscreen, don’t worry.

In other news, today is my 30th birthday.

I’ve had a month since Steve’s 30th to get used to the idea of hitting this milestone and while at first I dreaded it, I have completely come around to not only accepting, but actually embracing it. I looked in the mirror at my tired face this morning and thought, “even tired, you don’t look thirty.” My eyes smiled back at me and I turned away headed toward what I sincerely feel will be my best year yet.

Kerry and I are sister-in-laws, we’re family by marriage, but we haven’t always exactly seen eye to eye. My greatest achievement in my 29th year besides bringing Caroline into the fold of our life, was transforming my relationship with Kerry from merely family by marriage to what I consider to be a true sisterhood. The culmination of my efforts (and it really wasn’t effort, just an opening up of my heart!) was the runner handing me a very permanent black marker to write her name on her arms. This for me was an emotional experience and have tears now thinking how this simple gesture tore down any remaining pieces of the wall built between us. It was a perfect metaphor for an olive branch if I ever saw one, but so so much more than that, to me at least. Kiki has a photograph of the double high five at the end which I would love to print and frame and keep forever. Sitting in the way back seat of the car en route to dinner last night with the honored guest, I could not remember a time when I did not love this woman with all my heart. So congrats to you Ker! You did it! I am so incredibly proud of you and thank you for trusting me to not write an "I" at the end of your name.

In lieu of birthday comments, please instead let us know if you spotted auntie k, tracked her, or came to read today to specifically see how things went!


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