Teeth and TJ

We more than made up for the pristine condition that Caroline was returned to me on Wednesday with not one, not two even, but three outdoor play sessions on Thursday. There were too many children in her room, so one of the kids had to move to another room and so it was Caroline's turn to go to another room. (I guess this should be a compliment because to go to another room requires her being flexible enough to handle it.) The really bad news about this is that she went to the room of that mean care provider. Oh you remember her, the one who snickered and laughed when one of her kids was crying saying that if she stopped crying she could go home and see her mom, yeah that terrible lady. Since then I have discovered that this woman and Michele are actually really good friends and that this woman is apparently a good care provider, but I just can't get that one moment out of my mind. Needless to say I was upset, but what could I say, it had happened, it was already too late to do anything about it. So instead of losing my mind and flipping out I wanted every detail of how her day went.

She was so dirty from all the playground time that on Friday afternoon and certainly after a good scrubbing the night before, I discovered dirt in one of her ears.

We got woken up this morning at 5am with a poor sad teething baby. We managed to get her back to sleep before 5:30 by laying her on my stomach and the next thing we knew it was 9! Poor baby. She crashed out again for 3 hours this afternoon after while giving her two teething tablets she bit me so hard that I thought she was going to break skin. We are hoping that she sleeps better this evening and feels much better on Sunday. She's got a big day with Nana, Granda, Uncle Brett, The C3 family who moved to our neck of the woods this very weekend, Ryan Alexander and his parents, and maybe even our neighbors.

The biggest and best news of the entire weekend is that Tasha and Tony welcomed their son TJ this afternoon via c-section. 8lbs 8 oz and described by an utterly exhausted but totally in love new mother as perfect. We hope to go and meet the little man and congratulate the new parents in person in the coming weeks!


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