Triple Paste STAT!!

We’re having another dreary rainy day today, though we need the rain so I will try not to complain too much. My lack of complaining will surely make up for the “guy who mows our lawn’s” very loud moaning about how he JUST cut the lawn. Yesterday was so dreary that I had to force myself to venture out with Caroline on my day off.

I spent part of the morning putting away serving dishes from our little BBQ on Sunday. We were so happy to welcome the C3 family to the “neighborhood!” Ryan Alexander and his posse also came by and brought an amazing cucumber and onion salad. (Jen, I knew I loved you, you Martha fanatic you!) Nana, Granda, and Uncle Brett arrived a bit earlier in the day and helped us remove the oldest greasiest oven hood on the planet and replace it with a shiny new non-greasy version. Alleluia! The kitchen already feels so different with just this one change. I am so excited for the counters that I can barely stand it, though it does feel pretty freeing to accidentally get blue sharpie on our current tops and not lose my mind scrubbing it out. The sheer amount of cussing I am able to avoid is simply amazing. I have been enjoying the leftovers from the dinner (peppersteak and bacon cheddar burgers, dogs, delish salads) though I still feel guilty for eating the entire remains of the strawberry pie my mother brought later Sunday night. It was that good. Sharing did not even cross my mind.

We also got to see Paul and Erica on Saturday for Paul’s 30th birthday celebration. Erica is feeling and looking great as she cruises onward toward Baby B’s birthday this summer. We always have such a great time with them and hope we can see them again soon and introduce them to the C3s of course.

(Need to say that I am listening to the Line Dancers at the Center dance to “sexy eyes.” Is it just me, or is there something disturbing about this?)

Caroline is still working on getting those two teeth down. She is currently living on little more than air and what she is eating is not going through so smoothly. Let’s leave it at that, ok. I say this only because secondary to this fabulous issue is a new rash brewing. I don’t want to once again be posting rash flashes so let’s all collectively think happy thoughts that Triple Paste will get us through to the other side without stopping at “dear God, that is the worst rash I have ever seen.” Thanks in advance. If it is possible to scream in your head, I have been doing it all morning since I saw her red tushy after her second dirty dipe of the day.

Caroline sounded the alarm at 4:52 this morning, completely standing up, screaming. I retrieved her, cuddled her in bed, still in that weird place you find yourself when you are violently awoken. It’s been awhile since we’ve been to that place and my aren’t we out of practice! My mind whirred… “What if I can get her back to sleep, the alarm will be going off just after 6. It will wake her and THEN WHAT?” Or worse, “What if I cannot get her back to sleep at all?” She snuggled for a bit, then cried, and I eventually stood up, rocked her in my arms, sang completely nonsensical notes and placed her in her own room where she fussed for approximately 5 seconds before she fell back asleep until 7:15. I even managed to get back to sleep for about 30 minutes myself.

Our sassy little lady is now pointing to her nose on command all the time, leading the way to the door when we tell her it’s time to go, walking alongside me holding my hand at drop off and pick up, demanding to go outside all the time, standing on tippy toes to gaze out a window. Yesterday afternoon she pointed to her pink chair which she leapt onto it with book in hand after I took it down. I never thought I would enjoy hearing someone say, “uh oh,” especially not after the sayer has just flung her milk cup off her high chair tray, but I do.

Speaking of high chairs, she eats in a real chair at school, she’s not too big for the high chair is she? Should I be thinking of moving to a booster already? Please say no, I love the strapped in confines too much for it to be over so soon! She is constantly pulling out the dining room chairs and “asking” to be sat in them. Perhaps we might consider doing both for awhile? What do you think???

Wow – My Tuesday posts are always so long. I’ll end this one sweetly.

We did venture out, however briefly yesterday afternoon, in search of an auto shop and an oil change. When we arrived home Caroline had just fallen asleep and it was of course, pelting rain. I stripped off our coats and my shoes and attempted to put her in her crib to enjoy the rest of her nap, but she wasn’t having it. After a few attempts we instead snuggled together on the couch under her blanket.

When Caroline was a newborn I so wanted her to be able to sleep this way because I was dying to nap with her, but she hated laying on her belly and I hated trying to get out of bed in those early days, especially with a floppy newborn. Sometimes she just knows exactly what I need. She snuggled right up to me, steadied her breathing, and did that little “triple sigh” thing she does. She woke up about 30 minutes later smiling up at me, looking into my eyes, laughing back when I laughed, running her fingers through my hair and touching my nose. A perfect end to our “weekend” together.


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