Up our butts

Caroline was a bit of a cranky pants this morning. Yesterday at school she napped for only 45 minutes (!!!) and she barely got through The Lorax at bedtime. (as a side note, since Earth Day is coming up, we’ve been reading an awful lot about The Lorax and how unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's not.) She was rolling around when I jumped in the shower this morning and Steve got her just after 7 as I was drying my hair. He dressed her and placed her feet down on the floor of our bedroom and I watched her in the mirror while I applied mascara standing solidly on her own. She eventually lost her balance and fell forward onto her hands, dashing across the room on her hands and knees for the hair dryer and the brush. She seemed like she was in a fine mood, until I think I took too long preparing her breakfast. We skipped the banana this morning and just brought it with us to school.

Michele was sitting in the rocker when I arrived watching Luke play on the carpet (he sits up by himself now) and listening for the newest addition, Baby Paige, who was swinging silently with a blanket up over her face. Paige is new this week and I still haven’t seen her face. Odd.

While I unpacked Caroline’s lunch I asked Michele what Caroline has been up to at school. I try not to ask all the time. I try to be respectful of their time and mornings aren’t usually ideal for tell me all about my kid conversations, but this morning seemed so laid back and calm in T-5 that I said what the heck. I know if I were Michele or Sara I would want to tear my hair out if some parent was constantly asking me to detail their child’s every move. So I respectfully ask occasionally and the information they give is always enough to last a few weeks.

Michele reported that Caroline loved playing outside yesterday. (I know she did, I used about half a bottle of Spray Action Shout on her pants last night!) She was walking on the asphalt, but she loved the sand. She said that she was surprised because Caroline is very wary of new textures (!!! – seriously she knows my kid!) but that she kept rubbing her hands in the sand, picking it up and letting it run through her fingers and just loved it. (the previous owners of our house left a sand box and I was worried that we wouldn’t use it because hi, texture, but now I cannot wait to pick up a pail and shovel!) She said they have been trying coloring/scribbling. She said try because Caroline is very independent at school, “not up our butts like Sonny.” (also, HA!) According to Michele, she will spend hours reading books sitting on the little couch and that she will bring them books to read to her. (I love it when she does this!) They love how she points to things and says "ah da" and they name them for her reinforcing words. When she wakes up from her 45 minute nap they sit her between them at the table and play together, just the three of them. This all makes me very happy, but what made me beam was when she said that they love her and wouldn’t trade her for anything. “She is such a good girl.”

What more could you want to hear as a parent?


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