Walk, NO RUN, for magic pajamas

Steve's home! We waited by the front window yesterday for his car to pull into the driveway. I kept telling Caroline to look for Daddy and before I knew it she was all "da da da" ing. He got home just in time for bath time in the big girl bath. I am really glad that he changed his flight so that he was able to see her. Steve was thrilled to see his baby girl, but even more thrilled to see all her big girl steps.

Caroline is walking more than crawling these days, sometimes still relying on furniture, but getting braver by the minute. She spends a lot of time pushing a stool around the house and when she drops something she bends down to pick it up without sitting down. It isn't uncommon to watch her stand up and take off to the other side of the room and make it all the way to her destination without falling down. It is amazing to watch our independent Caroline, but even more amazing to offer my hand to her and have her grab onto it and walk together. I love that.

Caroline is brushing her teeth (with some assistance from Mommy) using a big girl toothbrush! I brushed my own teeth and handed her a shiny new toddler toothbrush and she went to town copying me, tentatively pushing the soft bristles into her mouth. There was definitely more chewing than brushing tonight. I told her, "Are you sure you want to do this - you're going to have to do it a few times a day everyday for the rest of your life?"

Rash Flash

Everytime I think we have it beaten, it pulls us back in! We have made some serious headway on the rash. Most importantly, it is far less painful for Caroline. We continue our treatment and I feel like it is different at each diaper change; one looking not so good, another looking almost gone, and another creeping back up on us. We'll just continue to be as vigilant as possible and hopefully the rash flash updates will suddenly vanish - just like we hope her rash will!

Cute Caroline Chronicle

Secondary to the various ointment applications and some discomfort before bed, what with being chilly and uncomfortable because of the yucky cream, I have developed a silly routine involving magical pajamas. I first did this while Steve was away because MAN, to be the sole parent and not have the luxury of a distractor was making it very challenging to get her gooped up and suited up for bed without a steady stream of tears. Tears like that just don't have the nice calming effect I look for in a bedime routine. Enter magical pajamas. I thought it might be too abstract for her to grasp and maybe it is and she just enjoys it because it seems silly, but whatever it is, I fully intend on keeping these pjs around. I pick up her sleeper, wave my fingers and say "magic pajamas" and then I pretend that the pjs are freaking out and I can barely contain them. She LOVES this. It gets especially giggly when I strain to get them onto her feet and continues when the arms keep sneaking out of my grip. I have never seen hysterics like this from Caroline and it is a very welcome change from the tears. I highly suggest every parent invest in a pair of magical pajamas.


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