Auntie Colleen and Uncle Hokie are ENGAGED!!!!


Uncle Hokie pulled off not only proposing to the beautiful Auntie C, but also organizing an amazing surprise engagement party dinner and managed to get family and friends from all over the country together to celebrate! We've known for weeks, since Uncle Hokie called Steve one night and asked if we were all available on May 10th to attend a surprise engagement party. You've never seen a big brother smile ear to ear after learning that his baby sister is getting hitched the way Steve did all night and for all those weeks while we waited and hoped we wouldn't blow the surprise. Steve and I even had to sit through an entire Red Sox game with the happy couple and I kept myself to a single beer to keep my tongue in check.

So there is a McFamily wedding in the works (!!!!!), but we won't know anything, not even one single detail, for at least three weeks. Stipulations accompanied the sweet proposal; no planning for three weeks, just a relaxed time to celebrate and be together. Nice touch huh? Also not to worry she has enough wedding related reading material to keep her bride mind occupied far beyond these three weeks.

I am looking forward to no longer being the only McFamily in law and Uncle Hokie is a perfect outlaw partner in crime.


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