the cat just doesn't really care for her

Dear Gods of Toddler Health and Sleepdom:

I am aware that you spared us an entire weekend of mopping up stomach contents with dishtowels and countless loads of baby laundry. I thank you for that. Don’t get me wrong, if the little snuffly nose was the price we had to pay to end the sickness after just 24 hours, I’ll take it. I just wanted to make sure you were also aware that the snuffly nose is not merely an inconvenience, but a leaping ahead to Ear Infection City, a city I really don’t care for and would be okay never visiting again. Please tell me there is in fact a direct correlation between the sniffles and the early waking because I think I am slowly going insane waking up at 5:45, not to mention that I am quite snippy when forced to deal with a toddler racing around my bedroom that early in the morning. Steve and I could use a bit more sleep and perhaps an ear infection free summer if it isn’t too much to ask. Thanks for your consideration!


Wiped out antibiotic enablers

We learned about Caroline’s ear infection on Monday afternoon while at an appointment in MA with an ENT doc. She had been sniffly for approximately 48 hours and they recommended we treat with Azithromycin, which you may have heard referred to as a “Z pack.” We will return to see them in six months if she has a couple more infections, sooner if she has many more, or not at all in the slim chance that she miraculously grows out of this as some kids do when they turn 2.

Since the weekend Caroline has been waking up ridiculously early, this morning’s wake up call was 5:45AM. I should not complain because I know there are plenty of parents whose children wake up daily at this time or even earlier, but when you are used to sleeping until at least 6:30 it seems like a very big deal. (Incidentally, how do you early risers DO IT?) It has knocked the morning routine for a loop because I have to shower knowing she is already running Steve ragged like a caged animal in our bedroom. Then she attaches herself to my leg for the duration of the getting ready procedures. By the time I get her downstairs for breakfast she has been up for almost an hour and a half. The milk cannot be poured fast enough, the banana is stuffed into her mouth in hungry barely able to chew mouthfuls, and the toaster oven appears to be set at “sllllloooooowwwww.” She is irritable, teary-eyed, and dare I say pouty-faced?

After having half a gargantuan muffin this morning and half a banana, the first thing Caroline wanted when she walked into her classroom was her fruit and cereal bar. These were the best things I ever found at Trader Joe’s for her. She loves them in all flavors and apparently it has become her morning routine at school to eat one upon arrival. Watching her climbing onto the little chair and sitting at the table eagerly yet politely waiting for her first morning snack, my baby doesn’t appear to be 15 months old.

A quick Caroline-ism…

We think she finally accepts that the cat doesn’t really care for her or at the very least doesn’t trust her. She has chased the poor animal all over the house with the Bear puppet, properly placed on her arm of course, more times than I can count. She uses every adult petting the cat moment to her full advantage, most times being gentle with her pets and pats. Yesterday I took her upstairs so I could remove my working mom uni and the cat was there to greet us in the hallway. Caroline took off after that cat and starting making this guttural roaring sound with her hands up in the air. Where did this noise come from? How does it come out of such a sweet little girl? It was very Godzilla-esque.

Caro continues to experiment with different noises and sounds. After bathtime she said, “baby,” but alas there was no baby doll to be found, no photo of a baby either.

Did I mention she also has a word for kitty?

Yeah, “titty.”


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