Clothing Management

Like many other Moms I have plastic bins filled with baby clothes piled high in my attic. When the snaps don’t quite snap, when Caroline cannot fully extend her legs in a sleeper, or when she struggles to get the garment over her head, that garment makes its way to a waiting pile in the guest bedroom/office where it awaits sorting and storing. All Moms must have these piles? Clothing management takes up a significant amount of time around my house.

I love organization. The Container Store makes me giddy. Nothing is more gratifying to me than putting things in their place, so this clothing management gig should be right up my alley, but it isn’t and I will tell you why. While tossing too tight onesies, far too short pants, and oops we missed this tops into bins I am overcome with this one thought: “These items STARTED fitting Caroline at 9 months, but they are being lumped together with other items that she didn’t really start wearing until nearly 12 months, so if there is a next time around for these clothes, how will I ever know when to pull them out??????” Does that make any sense? Does it bother anyone else the way it bothers me? Does this make me sound as "psycho" as my husband said it would?

No? Here's an example...

Adorable sweater for 6-12 months - started wearing it at 6 months old, recently retired due to shortness.

Equally adorable pair of pants for 12 months - started wearing at about 12 months, recently deemed too short for pants, too long for capris.

These items will be lumped together in the same bin unless I take out the other bins, locate the one that begins at 6 months and put it with its 6 month friends. Clearly that sweater and those pants don't belong in the same bin. Or do they?

I think that part of this that bothers my organization freak soul the most is that like all baby clothes some run small, some run big, some have a smaller wearing window, others seem to last and last and last... I don't know anymore where most of these things fall in any of those categories. This frustrates me...

Short of taking everything out again and reorganizing it, I feel helpless on the clothing management front. Anyone else??? Tricks?? Baby clothes organizing secrets please!

Also – as I type this I am fully aware that the reorganization of this clothing surely would happen with a mythical baby number 2 because the unexplainable urge to fold baby clothes will need to be filled somehow, and hey why not organize your entire attic while you are at it.


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