Could they be the Sox fans we long for???

I am usually in a bit of a rush when I drop Caroline off at school in the mornings. I am almost always at least 5 10 minutes behind schedule and anxiously watching the clock get closer to my 8:30 start time. I have altered my route several times seeking the fastest and most direct way to get there and back. I just can’t be that Mom who races in, tosses her kid’s coat in the cubby, and races out at lightening speed. I especially can’t be that Mom when I clearly smell that Caroline’s diaper is indeed of course full. I always stop, no matter how late I might be running, because seriously, it takes two seconds and it is just one more small way I can show Sara and Michele that I value them not just as diaper changers, but as teachers. This morning was one of those mornings and I actually got to catch up with Sara, hear all about her upcoming trip to Puerto Rico, and find out what antics Caroline has been up to.

She’s been playing with the baby dolls more, often slamming their heads repeatedly in the ground. Sara said they were perplexed yesterday when she took her blanket and put it over the doll, pushing the blanket down around her. We do that at home, I take her blanket and swaddle her baby doll and then she unwraps her, bangs her head some more and tries to replicate my wrapping – over and over and over. I got to shed some light on this peculiar new behavior and Sara got to tell me about how well Caroline listens to and sometimes follows directions. They can always trust Caroline to stay in the room even with an open door and they marvel how she entertains herself with the bookshelf for seemingly hours on end.

Yesterday afternoon when we arrived home we went upstairs so I could strip off my working mom costume and get comfy in some holey jeans and a t-shirt. While we were in the bedroom Caroline was racing all over with a stuffed bear that belonged to me when I was a little girl. “Bear” has been everywhere with me for over 20 years. Reese likes to wrestle with Bear. I sat with Reese one night and let her play with Bear and Caroline laughed and laughed. Ever since she follows the cat around with Bear trying to get Reese to play with him. I wonder often if I should wash Bear, but I can't bring myself to because HELLO, he's 20 years old and what if the washing doesn't go so well? Isn't a potentially dirty germy Bear better than no Bear at all?? So where was I? Right, chasing the cat with Bear. She literally tripped over her own feet and smashed her perfect little face on the hardwood. OUCH! She cried real solid awful tears, lay her head on my shoulder and then just as soon as the ouchfest began it was over when she spotted a brush on my dresser, “ah da.” I marvel at the quick recovery these toddlers have. If I tripped and fell and smashed my face I am sure it would take more than just a snuggle and a brush to get me going again.

I promised I would tell you about how I accosted our expecting neighbors Sarah and Jason. We’ve seen them before. They walk their dog, Jules, every night and last summer when we were doing regular evening pre-bedtime walks (which we are starting up again now that the weather is better!) we almost always saw them, said hello, but never anything more. Last Friday night when Steve was unloading about 1000 pounds of tile and grout for the kitchen they came walking by. Caroline saw the dog and started waving, contorting in my arms to be put down, so I waited in the driveway so she could see the dog. (Doing anything else would have resulted in a throw yourself on the ground and scream moment as it was way past bathtime.) They came walking up, her very pregnant and him holding tightly to Jules’ leash, while Caroline gently pat its little head. They seemed pleased that their dog was handling the toddler attention well and I told her that she looked amazing. She said she had three weeks to go! I saw her Sox hat and you can imagine how the rest of the story went. Sarah and Jason (originally from RI C3!) have long noticed our Boston paraphernalia and license plate covers. We had the nicest conversation and it seemed that after saying hello all those times that we were all hoping that we would someday get around to an actual introduction. I still don’t know where they live (ann, HELP!?! could they be the Sox fan neighbors we spotted behind us???), but I have been looking for them ever since with no luck at all. Maybe she had their little girl early and we’ll see her pushing a carriage soon? I can’t help but feel an overwhelming urge to make them a lasagna or something!!


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