Daddyless Thursday Night

Steve just finished a round of golf up in MA. Reports indicate that he “didn’t do all that well, but not horrible” and that he had a “fun time.” Poor guy had to wake up at 5AM this morning to drive up, but hey, a day of golf for work where you get some serious one on one time with the higher ups is never a bad thing.

Caro and I are on our own today. I got her up and out and then raced back to the house to let in the tile guy who is working on our backsplash all before arriving at my desk just a few minutes late. That being said, I didn’t exactly shower today. That means I didn’t, BUT I don’t want to feel bad about it, ok? Caroline, bless her heart,woke up a little before 6:15 just after my alarm went off. Instead of racing to shower, which I fully contemplated doing, I instead snuggled in bed with her for 10 more minutes. I’ll take snuggling over a shower anyday and besides isn’t it bad to wash your hair everyday?

I am not sure what we will do tonight. If she were older it would be fun to make a girls night of it complete with pizza, manicures, face masks, pjs, and princess movies. We watched the beginning of the Lion King together recently just before a nap and I was almost in tears, which is so silly I know, but my daughter and I were watching THE LION KING. I was watching THE LION KING with my daughter. WE were watching together. Ok you get it, I will stop, but seriously, she was pointing and holding my hand and was so relaxed and this, this was a moment of epic proportions. Disney has entered the picture for good (who are we kidding she drinks out of princess cups) and I am already asking Steve how old she will have to be before we can go because I want to take her NOW NOW NOW! Realistically we want to wait until she is old enough to actually enjoy it and remember it, but that kingdom really is magical! I did say I would never go back until I have a family of my own after leaving my CP (College Program) in 1998. Ten years. It's been ten years since I lived with the mouse and I want to share all that darn magic with Caroline. I can wait, but seriously, we watched the amazing beginning of THE LION KING and even though she lost interest after little Simba was held up for all the animals to see, she snuggled into me for her nap, and I kept that darn movie on in the background the rest of the afternoon while she slept and I cleaned & cooked & organized & read.

So our evening tonight will most likely be dinner, playtime, bathtime, books, and bed. Not so girly, but we'll get there eventually. Maybe I will sneak her some dessert!

We will be taking a train in the morning to rondevous with Steve at the beach. He is working out of the Corporate Office tomorrow at some required training thing. We have plans to see a movie and have dinner like grown ups and on Sunday we are attendning a christening for Steve's high school friends' twins. We'll be home before Monday though, don't want to deal with that traffic and we got a lovely invite from the C3 fam to spend some time with them Memorial Day afternoon. YAY!

We’ve been on the train once before to go see the Rockefeller “Holiday” Tree in NYC. That seems like so long ago now (and I guess it kind of was?!) and I am hoping she will be a bit more interested in what is flying by her in the window than she was last time, if not for my sake then for the other travelers. I am actually really looking forward to this little adventure.

Steve brilliantly suggested that we pack ahead of time and he bring everyone’s stuff up in his car, leaving me with just the baby & a bag of amusements, snacks, and diapers. Either a coworker or a cab will get us to the train and then after what I hope is a short and painless "layover," we’ll be heading via Amtrak toward Boston. Kiki is picking us up at the station and we’ll be at the beach before we know it right? All told the trip will take 4 hours, at least one of which I hope is spent reading while a comfy toddler snuggles with me in slumber. I’m not insane for thinking that this trip is going to be fun am I?


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