Exhibits A through E

A quick post since it is Friday night and I should be sitting with Steve reading and watching the Celtics beat the Hawks.

This morning as we were leaving the house I asked Caroline if she was "ready to go bye bye?" We've been through this haven't we? She walks to the door and starts standing on her tippies to reach the handle which thankfully she hasn't figured out yet (Ryan, you're obviously brilliant but also - eeek!!) =)

Today for fun I added in, "ok, go get your coat!" and she TOTALLY walked over to the little coat rack by the door and pulled her coat down and handed it to me. Seriously what else does she understand??

Sounds simple, but it really shows us just how much she understands and absorbs. All those baby books and babycenter emails that constantly remind you to give your baby a play by play constantly aren't lying! ("Mommy is putting on Caroline's blue shoes, first Caroline's right shoe on her right foot and then Caroline's left shoe on her left foot. Ok, now uppy goes, let's turn off the light. On. Off. On. Off. On. Off. Look it's Terry Francona and the Red Sox. Where's Manny? Where's Papi? Where's Pedro? Let's Cheer for Christopher Nixon!) Sure that last part only happens in my house because I stop at a painting of the 2004 World Series on the landing and point to the various people - For the record Nixon is in that group hug somewhere - not sure where - but gosh I adore him still so we always ALWAYS cheer for him too. I saw a five dollar Nixon shirt for Caroline and if I could have justified the shipping I would have bought it because I am not sure, and Steve don't hate me for saying this, that I can ever admire another Sox player like I did Trot. There I said it.

Holy tangent ---

So that constant play by play really seems to work, though it does make you feel a little crazy by about 2 pm each day. How else would she know what her coat was or where it was if we didn't say each and everytime we are leaving the house that we need to put on her coat and go retrieve it with her. I am not trying to pat myself on the back here because seriously, the play by play is nothing miraculous or revolutionary, but rather I point out this example as just another exhibit to how fast babies learn and how much they absorb and how completely sponge like they really truly are. It is simply amazing to watch her learn new things every single day and I know that is so cliche and it must sound awfully boring, but MAN, when I show her something now she can do it and if she cannot do it she tries with all her might.

Exhibit A. Stacking a block Exhibit B. Inserting a straw into an empty juice box Exhibit C. Turning off various different types of light switches all throughout the house. Exhibit D. Brushing her teeth. Exhibit E. Filing mommy's nails (awesome distraction for when I am filing hers and freaks the heck out!)

Also, It is a bit worrisome to consider what other things she may already have picked up on around these parts. Gulp... ahh, gotta love that parental guilt and I cannot even think of a single solitary thing I did or said that would be inappropriate, but I am sure there is SOMETHING I should be feeling guilty about teaching her!


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