It must have been a great weekend

While Caroline gobbled up her breakfast of mini blueberry muffins and eggs, Steve and I chatted about how it felt like it had been so long since she had been to school. In real life it has been the same 4 days away that it always is, but for some reason these 4 days felt like they lasted much longer. It must be a sign of the very full, relaxing, and a very happy time we had this Memorial Day weekend.

Caroline and I successfully maneuvered the train on Friday. She had a blast bouncing on the seat, pressing her face up against the window, smiling at everyone she saw. She kept waving to the people getting off as they walked by her window and a few people surprised us by stopping to wave back. Our little layover proved to be quite easy, except that she was not interested in sitting on my lap, next to me, or anywhere in my vicinity. It was apparently very fun to watch Mommy make chase with a humongous backpack, two coats, and an Abbi doll. People around us kept laughing because she shrieked with delight each time she burst free of my grasp and ran around the corner after the pack of school kids en route to NYC for a field trip.

The train from New Haven to Boston was more than packed and my hopes for a seat of our own were dashed. I quickly scanned the train for a passenger who could put up with us and located the nicest looking woman I could with the least amount of luggage, wearing headphones. She gave us the window (thanks!) and when she left shortly after our departure to use the restroom I jumped into action pulling out the provisions; crayons, books, snacks, toys, and a blanket. Caroline was very well-behaved, just very busy and I kept her as entertained and as quiet as I could. There was only one outburst just after Providence and with 20 minutes to go she finally fell asleep in my arms. So there was no book reading for me, but there were also no dirty looks and a general running away from the car with the screaming child either, so it’s a win in my book.

Kiki picked us up at the station and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon at the beach. Caroline played in the sand, stuck her feet into the frigid surf, threw rocks, and took a nice little nap. Steve and I went to dinner AND a movie while Kiki and Steve did bedtime which was such a treat.

There will be more photos soon of Caroline’s first lobster coming soon. She wasn’t sure about it at first, but as the photos will show she gobbled it right up. Poor Auntie had to share more of her crustacean than I am sure she would have liked, but wow, she had lobster. Last summer we were daydreaming about this year. She would be able to play in the sand, point to birds, swim in the ocean with us, eat lobster, and watch the flags flapping along the shore. She can and she is.

Sunday we traveled part of the way home to attend a christening for Dan and Carly’s twins John and Henry. They are just adorable, with the bluest eyes, squeezable thighs, and such easygoing temperaments. Courtney is John’s (I think?) godmother. It was so nice to see the MA friends we had not seen since Puerta Vallarta, which is really just inexcusable! Next weekend we’ll see most of them again at Amy and Jesse’s.

Yesterday we got some work done around the house, enjoyed the perfect weather, took in the parade, made some new friends, caught up with some old ones, and spent a great afternoon with the C3 fam. Caroline and Christian got to play together and except for our daughter dowsing poor Christian’s feet with water, they had a great time. We hope there will be many more opportunities for our little ones to play together. It’s so nice to have them so closeby.

The long weekend closed out with the sweetest sound, “Hi.” Caroline is fascinated by Reese and it seems like she is always in hot pursuit. She knows to wave when we tell her, “say hi!” She waves to everyone she sees, at no one in particular, and most especially at the cat. Walking into school she pulls me back toward hallways with people she wants to wave to. Last night when we arrived home from the delicious C3 BBQ, Caroline and the kitty were sitting with us on the living room floor and we once again asked her to “Say hi” and she did. Out of nowhere, clear as day, “Hi.” Not “eye.” “Hi.” She said it this morning too as we were getting ready to leave and is there anything more amazing than the sound of a child’s voice saying something completely clear like that? She has the sweetest little voice and I keep hearing it in my head. We’ll have to get to it with the video because as simple as “hi” might be, we think it is completely amazing and adorable. I am sure you will too.


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