McCashew as seen via googledom

I really enjoy looking at the search terms people use that ultimately land them here. Some are laugh out loud funny, others are just plain wrong, while some make me shake my head that people came here looking for an answer to what seems to be a very serious search query. I recently looked since I started tracking terms via google analytics and thought sharing the results would be an interesting post.... I know some of you come here on purpose, but here's how others seem to be finding the McFam.

The “Call the Doc” queries

Small lump in abdomen
Lumps from stomach to thigh
Why am I losing my voice (58 and counting)

Your Child Likely Has An Ear Infection If…

Baby grabs ear, baby puts hand over right ear, baby pulling ear, and many many other variations of ear pulling (250 and counting)

Been there and so sorry you have found your way there too

Baby ear piercing screams
Green poo thrush

Food, Glorious Food

McCashew Pot Pie (THE MOST POPULAR SEARCH PHRASE – 120 and counting)
Funfetti cupcakes
Veggie Booty

Around the House

Remove Hosta
Several Benjamin Moore paint color names

Silly Baby Searches

How much diaper cream
Baby choking on cat fur
Rashes that go away (if it goes away, why are you googling?)
Baby grabbing (as in abduction?!?!?!)

I laughed out loud

Whoo hold on
How to catch a squirrel


Many variations of Robert Ryan Pirelli (45 and counting, with longer than average reading time, what I have written does not seem to be enough for those seeking to remember such an amazing person)


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