I don’t think I have shared here yet that Caroline is getting her molars. I found one while Steve was away last week and wouldn’t you know it, the molar’s partner in crime is cruising through her gums on the other side too. Now while I am quite sure that this is clearly uncomfortable, annoying, and at times painful, is all the whining really necessary?

At pick-up yesterday her caregivers had already left for the day, as is often the case, and she had been moved to an adjoining room with consolidated kids. I retrieved her bag and cup from her room, waved hello, and met her at the door of the other room where she proceeded to completely FREAK OUT. I smiled and tapped the glass on the door waving to her and she screamed as if I:

ripped her toenails off
burned her with a hot poker
spit venom in her face

She was ok on the ride home and was even playful for a bit; dancing, reading books in her chair, laughing, eating crackers. I was in the kitchen making dinner and she was loudly whining from the family room to be let out of her cage. Sometimes she just wants to be in the kitchen with me, so we brought her in, set up her stool so she could watch, and she instead she found the mini blueberry muffins hiding spot on top of the fridge and that was all she wanted.

We heated up some chop suey for her while I finished preparing our chicken lo mein. She ate a good bit of that as well as some peaches before her attention was again steadfastly on those blasted mini muffins. There was much screaming and crying and we gave in and took one out for her, which satisfied her for a moment, but not very long. I was trying to put her lunch together after dinner and Steve was finishing the dishes and she started up again. Steve and I shared one of those, dear god is it bedtime yet glances and I took her outside, where it was raining slightly, to help her get a hold of herself.

We aren’t the type of family that cannot wait for bedtime, in fact we are quite the opposite, but last night bedtime could not come fast enough. She slept well after a dose of ibuprofen and this morning was her normal sunny self, yet still obsessed with those dang muffins. Even with a full one of her plate and her mouth so full crumbs were spraying everywhere, she still pointed furiously to the container.

So about these muffins… What’s a parent to do when your child freaks out like this because they want something? Let’s think beyond muffins on this one, the muffin could be a toy, a book, anything that they want, but do not currently hold in their hand. How do you go about drawing the line and saying "not right now" without them losing it and causing you to feel as if you will lose your mind? I understand that she is teething, that she needs some extra love and attention to get through this challenging time, but is that a reason to abandon all statements ending in “no?”


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