With all the great excitement of the weekend behind us, I forged ahead yesterday morning with the task of collecting enough food (nutritious or otherwise) to fill my family’s belly for the remainder of the week. * Caroline has had a seemingly insatiable appetite since Sunday, leading her Auntie K to ask, “do you ever worry she will explode?” I don’t worry she will explode per say, but I do wonder if she has a bottomless pit in there or perhaps a tapeworm.

Caroline was pretty whiny yesterday. Getting dressed sent her over the edge, eating breakfast was out of the question (despite the recent feeding frenzy), getting through the grocery store required a very organized list and tight cornering from aisle to aisle. By the time we were in the car on the way home I looked at her from the front seat and said, “if you know what is good for you Missy, you will nap, r.i.g.h.t n.o.w.” I called Christina on my way home to check in on our little morning play date and informed her that my daughter was “in a mood.” Turned out both her son Christian and Aimee’s son Rylan were also not happy smiling toddlers either, which made me sigh in utter relief because the thought of spending an entire windy cold day at home with a little girl so whiny I couldn’t imagine taking her out in public, well it made me want to rip my own lips off.

She did blessedly nap and I was able to shower and get things organized for our trip over the river and through the woods (15 minutes south) to the C3’s new digs. Christina generously provided a yummy lunch for the kiddies and I was so happy for a chance to connect with her and her friend Aimee, who I feel like I had already known for eons since I started reading her blog awhile back. Rylan was even more adorable in person and Christian was such a good sharer! Caroline enjoyed herself so much that she ceased whining for most of the time we were visiting, long enough that we might even be invited back someday, but woe the whining was intense for most of the afternoon and evening. I daresay my husband may have also felt like ripping his own lips off by dinner time yesterday when Caroline ate 3 huge TJ spinach and ricotta ravioli, several grape tomatoes, strawberries, and two mounds of rice from my plate. I know all the eating MUST be related to all the running about and constant motion, but seriously people the gaped mouth begging must cease and desist because it just results in more whining and the throwing of oneself on the ground, which try as I might, I can’t always just redirect her from.

I can’t and won’t complain too much. All that tummy stuffing, whining, and running about tired her out pretty much by 7. Her new bedtime routine includes a tub (where last night I witnessed her really comprehending how the cups work – they are utensil drainers for a dish drainer that I bought on clearance so they have a strainer effect that until now has been perplexing her), brushing her teeth, turning off ALL the light switches on her way down to read books, reading & snuggling, a song, some tush tapping, and then being carefully flopped into bed onto her tummy with her little legs crouched up under her Marty McFly style.

Steve and I picked up our car this afternoon and it looks so strange to see it minus all its battle scars (a rear ending incident at a traffic light, a scrape by in our old parking lot, another parking lot incident). Steve and I officially traded cars. He puts so many more miles on his car, which as of this month is PAID OFF – wooo hooo. We held a great long debate about trading in his car for a new shinier model with leather seats and dual climate controls, but in the end with this economy we are hoping that it will serve us better to have him drive the newer car with 30K less miles, me drive the paid off Jetta a mere 21 miles per day, and save his usual car payment for college and a down payment on a new car in what we hope will be at least a year from now. Of course now that I typed that the timing belt will go and I will find myself on the side of the road with no way to get home and whole lot of whining from the backseat. I will miss my car, it was the first NEW car I ever purchased, but Steve’s car is great, heck the carseat even fits, and if it saves my family some $$$ at the end of the day I am MORE than ok with it. I am hopeful that driving my car will fill whatever “I really want a new car” fever still exists in Steve’s brain. Also with gas at $3.99 a gallon locally, the more pennies we can save now, the better.

*I also won a bet with Steve who doubted that I could shop for under $100. I shop at Big Y, the home of Buy 1, Get 20 Free, where I often buy things that we don’t necessary NEED, but are such a great deal that I simply cannot miss out on the savings. Shopping this way is obviously not always the best way, but when meat is on super sale and we have room in the freezer, AND I have a wallet full of silver coins, you bet your boots I am shopping big. There are weeks when I don’t buy much at all, just fill in with fresh produce, sides, and snacks. Unfortunately those weeks are also usually when I journey to Trader Joe’s or BJs and then you might as well just cancel out all the savings. I can’t win. What does your family spend at the grocery store each week? Is 100 bucks really that out of line?


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