Philadelphia here we come!

There is a new dashingly handsome and sweet boy in the McFamily!!!

Steve's cousin Kelly (Mom to Chloe and Teegan) and her husband Bobby welcomed their son Jameson on Thursday morning! He is so adorable and from the photos I have seen loved fiercely by his big sisters. We can't wait to meet him!!

We are BEYOND EXCITED to travel down to Philly this weekend to finally meet TJ!!!! Tasha and Tony have been posting photos of their little guy, but sometimes photos just aren't enough, even when they are as sweet as this.

Tasha and Tony are doing an amazing job with him from what I have heard and it will be so nice to hug her and open up a whole new phase of our friendship; as mothers.

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms, Moms to be, and those on the journey toward motherhood.


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