Potty Bye Bye

How do you start a post about poop? I suppose you just dive in? We haven’t talked about this since way, way back when we were dealing with the green variety thanks to oversupply, unless of course you count the terrible no good very bad rash from April. Don’t worry this won’t be gross, it is actually very cute in a weird kind of way…

When we are at home and a diaper is not just wet, but also dirty we do the usual clean up/sanitize hands routine and then take Caroline by the hand and lead her directly to the powder room. We ceremoniously show her said dirty contents, flip it into the bowl, and flush it away. She stared blankly at me the first few times we did this, “seriously, you dragged me up here for this?” Now when I say, “OK, let’s go to the potty!” Caroline races up the stairs, as fast as one can race when she is crawling, and right into the loo where she patiently waits for me to present her diaper contents to her and the potty. Just yesterday when we flushed she waved “bye, bye.”

Hoping this will someday help us with potty training, but for now it is enough to add a silly story to embarrass her with someday. "You used to wave goodbye to your poop!"


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