She’s a girl.

Steve announced this morning that Caroline is in fact a girl. You might be thinking, "hmm, shouldn’t the McFam have realized this by now – after all those diaper changes and the feminine name and all?" Yes, yes… we know… but he is right. She is such a total girl.

Caroline is Mommy’s shadow in the morning. While still in my robe (the usual morning plan of being mostly ready by the time she wakes up has fallen by the wayside lately due to a combo of her waking up early and my snoozing a few more times than I should be – truly lethal combo to being ontime), I ask her “want to help Mommy dry her hair?” She saunters right over to the hair dryer. I hand her a brush and she helps style my hair and then her own.

This morning in particular she picked up a pretty pink gift bag from Mother’s Day and hooked it over her arm, toddling off towards the hallway and then back again, holding steadfastly to a bag that even by Hollywood’s standards was too big for her.

There are too many girly examples to list; feeding baby dolls, hugging her plush animals tightly and tapping them on the back, wrapping them up in blankets, smashing their heads on the ground.

That being said, she made a beeline for the biggest Tonka truck I have ever seen this morning at drop off. Caroline, believes in the necessity of a fashionable carry all and driving the biggest baddest truck she can find. A renaissance woman!

Also, Steve found a new gadget he wants to pick up and I sent the following message…

“Go for it - maybe we can do this next month - we have been spending so much lately on extras ---- did I just type that? oh my god - it happened - you officially have made me cheap”

His reply…

“That’s what I like to hear!!! =)”


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