Sweaty Mini-Me

If ever there was a debate (not that there ever would actually be one) about which of her parents Caroline most resembles, I think I would be able to make a very strong case for Steve. Sure her raven baby fine hair is certainly mine. Those big hazel turned brown eyes match my own. I catch her profile and am taken away by how much she resembles my likeness in a photo of myself at her age. My brother looks at her and declares, “she is you, Ker.” The way she loves to put things in their rightful place, trust me, could only be a trait courtesy of her mother. Sounds like I make a pretty good case for me doesn’t it, but really, no, she is very much her father’s daughter for one important reason.

Our daughter is a hot body, a sweat ball often waking up with her head sticky, full of moist salty curls. The last few nights she has been put to bed sans onesie in adorable pajama sets with shorts that I had envisioned her putting on for the first time in heat of July, not the occasional warm humid May night. We have swapped her lovely warm winter blankets for a feather like cool cotton one. It seems that she is perpetually warm and I have to bite my tongue to keep from saying, “does she feel warm?”

This could only come from Steve not because I am frigid ice queen (and if you think I am, fine) but because while he throws open the windows and turns on the ceiling fans, I reach for the blanket and lament that I just shaved my legs…two days ago. While he would hop into his hot car at the end of a workday and gasp for air, I ease into the seat and soak it in, even if ever so briefly, because heat feels so good. A perfect winter day for me includes a nice hot seat by a fire. That perfect winter day for Steve might be playing pond hockey with his secret lover outside so long that his snots freeze.

Caroline might have a lot of her mother, probably more than I know now, but for now this hot bod baby of ours is truly her father’s daughter. Let’s just hope that come summer she will cope with the heat by taking a swim with her Mommy or her Papa in the numbing waters of HUM and not whine to go back to the house, not that her father has ever done that.


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