Big girls can make up their own minds

I think I need to remember that sometimes I don’t necessarily dictate bedtime to my daughter. Sometimes Kerri, it isn’t really up to you when your baby girl wants to go to bed. I know those statements read funny and you are wondering if this is maybe a rant about a little girl in Red Sox pajamas refusing to go to sleep and me saying, “whatever kiddo, want some mini peanut butter cups?” But it’s not.

I tried reading three books the other night at bedtime and Caroline was having none of it. She slammed shut the book of Baby Faces. She tossed the Belly Button Book just as I got to the good part about Belly Button Beach. She crunched my fingers between the covers of The Lorax. Thinking that I was in for a short routine of bouncing, singing, shhing, and you guessed it- tush thumping I rolled my eyes and tried to cradle her into me. The back arching, thrashing, “no, mommy, no” looks did not come. Instead she snuggled close, closed her eyes, and inserted her thumb.

File this under DUH. Maybe your daughter is exhausted from a busy day of tunnel crawling and kitty chasing. Maybe she can actually decide when she is tired all by herself. Just maybe she is growing up.


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