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I don't know how you stay at home Moms are doing it in this heat. I am a bit gun shy about spending too much time outside after "the dehydration." Monday, my day off, I was in a panic about how to keep cool and keep us entertained, because spending more than 8 hours staring at each other at home was not feeling like fun for either of us.

We went to Target to exchange an improperly sized shirt (hanger size - 18 months, actual size 2T). We were there around 10AM, well before the heat of the day and the parking lot was already packed. I was clearly not the only Mom who said, "ohhh Target, browsing and air conditioning." We didn't last too long. We didn't really have anything to buy and I know I am not the only one who can easily come with a $50 cartful when free to roam Target's aisles of bargains. We stopped at the library on our way home, but the parking lot was so full I couldn't even find a spot, so I bagged it and immediately began to fear for my sanity.

On our way home, Caroline was already rubbing her eyes and yawning and it was just past 11AM. I stalled her with a snack and some books before she settled in for her nap. I thought we might go back out, but the thought of roasting in the car en route to whatever crowded air conditioned place we might find and then roasting again on the way back just didn't seem like any fun at all. We did go play with the hose outside for a bit, but even the hose was squirting nothing but hot water.

We colored. We swaddled and fed the baby dolls. We built block towers. We had many snacks and many cups of water and juice. One of us changed our outfit secondary to a blowout and then the other one did a load of laundry. We deposited diaper contents into the potty many times over. We swiffered the entire house. We danced. We played with the Staples Easy Button. We got incredibly sick of each other.

Yesterday did reveal some cute things though. Caroline figured out which drawer has all the snacks and how to open it. So she now reaches in, grabs the cookie bag, closes the drawer and brings them to us. She will even go sit at her table and wait for you to get one out for her. Very cute, except that now we find ourselves constantly saying "no cookies right now. All done."

After a successful swiffer session we did a high five and I said "yay" and a little echo said "yay" back. My heart melted. I still cannot capture Caroline picking up the phone and saying "hi daddy," but she does it all the time now. AND the nodding, oh that is my favorite. She opens her eyes really wide and nods her head up and and down. She'll bring a book over and we'll ask her "do you want Mommy to read that with you?" Nodding. She'll be clearly done with dinner, "are you all done?" Nodding while handing plate to grown up. She'll even nod when you are doing something she wants you to do, like get her a cookie for instance. She'll sit there at her table nodding away while you wrestle with the ziploc.

It was nice to spend so much time just with her, not running errands, not playing in the park, not going for a walk, but just being in her presence. By 3pm though, we were clearly "all done" with trying to amuse ourselves in the house and I began to clock watch for that mythical time when Daddy would be home to rescue me from the non-stop cookie requests, the begging to go outside to the inferno that was our completely unshaded backyard, the hitting & disciplining, the banging on fridge for more juice. She collapsed finally mercifully in my arms for a cat nap just before 5. It was dangerous, it should have been avoided at all costs, but I was too wiped to fight it. She ate like a champ; mac and cheese with her spork. She didn't love her bath, I think I may have made it a bit too cool, and when books had been read and it was bedtime she looked up at me and laughed out loud. She wretched in our arms, moaned, sniffled, and fought bedtime with every ounce of herself. We instantly thought, "oh no, ear infection." The jury is still out, but she has been eating well, drinking ok, and sleeping fine once she gets there, so it doesn't seem like ears, maybe just teeth still?

It was nearly 9:30 before she fell asleep, with her legs extended out through the crib bars, but I wasn't going in there to tempt fate. The alarm sounded from her room at 5:30 this morning when she woke us all. I gated the stairs, fetched a cup of milk, and attempted to get my eyes to focus on the TV for the forecast of yet another day of intense heat. Are the schools closing early everywhere else?


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