Cursing the weather gods

There were scary storms forecasted for our area yesterday afternoon, but they just didn’t seem to be happening, so after Caroline woke up from her long afternoon’s nap we had a quick snack and hopped into the car. We were lucky enough to hang with an about to be a new mommy any minute Erica at a really amazing playground down the street from her house. We pushed her on the swings as long as her toddler attention span would allow and then negotiated the playset together; me walking her up a ramp, Erica coaxing her through a tube and across a footbridge, me holding her on the slide, Erica catching her on the bottom. Later I realized that Erica had been somehow climbing a very steep step to get to the footbridge and tube and I cannot imagine how she was able to do that given the fully developed baby in her belly! She is really trying to kick start her labor – her official due date is July 1. We had such a nice little play session with her, but it was muggy and not the best conditions for a toddler or an expectant Mom to be out in, so we headed home. Thanks Erica! We are really looking forward to spending more time with you and your new baby boy at that park again!

As we drove up the Merritt the skies changed from sunny to grey and the wind came up out of nowhere, but still no storm.

We ate dinner and watched the trees rustle in the wind and enjoyed the cool breeze from the windows, but yet still not a storm in sight.

We played in the tub, got dressed in our Ariel jimmies, brushed our teeth, read three books and got drowsy enough for bedtime all before 7:15, and of course the storm made its appearance and it was raging mad.

It was violent, loud, with pelting rain that fell directly onto her roof (there’s no attic over her room). We sat downstairs watching the storm, sure we would lose power (we didn’t) with me cursing the weather guards shaking my following fist at the sky muttering “you were supposed to be here at four! Four!!!!”

Of course it woke Caroline from her not too deep sleep, her and the entire neighborhood of little ones I am sure. I took her downstairs with us and we snuggled in her blanket. She held onto my fingers with all her might as the thunder pounded and the lightening lit up the sky.

She was wiped, but awake and it took several attempts to get her back to sleep, but eventually after a sad standing crying bout in her crib, she zonked in Steve’s arms almost as soon as he scooped her up.

We had wake ups calls at midnight, 2, 4:30, and then our official good morning at 5:30. Each time she was able to soothe herself back to sleep without us getting up, but Steve retrieved her at 5:30 and she was wide awake and rearing to go. The entire family was dressed, fed and watching the Today show before 7:30.

I made an appointment for an ear check this morning just to be sure because she’s been sneezy and drippy for the past couple days and pulling on her ears a little. Where there is a drippy nose, an ear infection is sure to be lurking. We’ve been on the fence about making an appointment for a few days. Her teeth are still taking their time coming through and she has been eating and sleeping well, with the exception of last night, so I don’t really expect her to have an ear infection, but you just never know with Caroline. Better safe than sorry.

Of course I also have my support group to facilitate this afternoon, so I had to make an appointment for this morning. That means I need to pick her up at 10:30, go to the appointment here near my office, drive her back to school, drive back to work. Not the most convenient plan, but necessary for our peace of mind


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