The ears are A-OK. My intuitive daughter Caroline must have clued into my nervous laughter as I explained to the pediatrician that she had been pulling on the ears and had a bit of a cold because she reached her right hand up and yanked just before the exam. God bless her! This made me feel a tad less crazy to bring her in, but nonetheless, we are ear infection and fluid free. Chalk this one up to plain old teething. Added bonus; a week’s worth of commuting in just one day! Woo hoo! At $4.30 a gallon it was good times!

Drop off
Commute to work
Pick Up
To the Doc
Drop Off
Commute to work
Pick up
Drive Home

After all that driving the only logical thing to do was to have tacos for dinner (enjoyed by ALL- she especially enjoyed the refried beans!) and then check out a concert on the green just down the street from our house. We enjoyed some beautiful summer weather on our family blanket (Thanks Colleen!). The music was show tunes by the Community Band and while they weren’t the best I ever heard, they weren’t the worst either. Caroline danced to West Side Story, if you can categorize squatting halfway and bouncing dancing. I have some cute photos I will post of her clapping and doing her own little baby boogie.

The concert totally tuckered her out. She didn’t even need a single story, just a snuggle, a kiss on the forehead and wish for “sweet baby dreams.”

Steve made it through the entire Celtics game, which will surprise no one I am sure. I opted to fall asleep in the third quarter when the Celtics were running away with it because honest to God I was so tired that I felt like I had been drinking all night. We had not had a single glass of anything, just a fistful each of those perfect little peanut butter cups. I think it will early to bed for the whole McFam tonight. Am I the only one thankful that these 9PM starts are OVER?

I would imagine that Uncle Hokie, the biggest C’s fan I know, is a very happy but tired guy today!


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