Extended Weekend

I think the most depressing thing about Tuesday is that I have to recap all the fun we had on the weekend. Even though it is already Tuesday and we are seemingly almost halfway through the week, the weekend feels like it is forever away. Part of this I know has to do with my weekly Tuesday To Do List at work with approximately 30 items, but an even bigger part is that when we have a really great weekend, especially one at home, we are so sad that it is over.

So what did the McFamily do this past weekend? We went to MA of course!

Saturday morning, under threat of thunderstorms and violent wind, we traveled north to spend some time with friends. We took in the Sam Adams brewery tour, sampled exactly 21 oz (including one that was kind of "hammy"), enjoyed hot dogs and hummus, and sipped perfectly poured Guinness Stouts at the Brendan Behan Pub.

Where was Caroline? She was flirting with her Uncle Hokie, banging on the fridge in the midst of what we were told was an alarming food binge, taking a bath courtesy of Auntie K and Poppa, and being loved loved loved by Kiki and Auntie C.

Caroline had a great day and her parents were stoked to be able to talk to friends without minding a nosy toddler, though conversation inevitably spilled over to various kid related discussions not limited to ovulation, epidurals, diaper costs, and baby room d├ęcor. With another set of newbie parents, it was unavoidable. This is what is happening in our life… I can’t talk shop so much, but I can engage in a discussion about the joys of wholesale diaper prices. I did manage to listen in on some Lost speculation (we have it all "dvr’d" since Caroline was born, maybe we can catch up over the summer?) and chat about the Democratic Primary process all while putting out fires about a certain someone’s gross inability to register to vote for unwarranted and frankly silly reasons. (N’yah!)

Sunday was gorgeous and we shook our heads because once again we were leaving on the best day of the weekend. Steve suddenly realized that he needed to be back up to the Boston area the following day for a two-hour meeting and before we knew it we were headed to Kohl’s to find pants and shoes suitable for work. With purchases in tow – none for me and I even managed to fight the desire to purchase an adorable Carter’s sunsuit with strawberries for Caro – we were able to enjoy a walk on the beach, some great playtime in the sand, a quick summer storm, and a dinner with family (that includes you Mrs. Mac!) on the deck overlooking the ocean. What a day! What a treat! Can we plan more Monday morning Boston area meetings for Steve?

On Monday Kiki drove Caroline and I up to Framingham to meet Steve, but not before we made a pit stop at TJs for a case of wine each and some amazing candy. I am beyond addicted to the mini peanut butter cups (serving size 27 pieces, I kid you not!) and I think I may be dashing back soon to pick up my own supply of milk chocolate coconut delights.

A chunk of the mid day was driving home, but then Caroline and I were able to enjoy the afternoon together; playing outside, washing my car (more on that later!), setting up the sprinklers to feed our parched lawn, and saying “Hi, Kitty.” Yup. She says it. Amazing.


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