Happy Daddy's Day

King for the Day Steve is celebrating Father's Day just the way he wants; sleeping in, enjoying a delish breakfast (eggs beat by Caroline), opening gifts of both the homemade and electronic variety, going to the Beardsley Zoo (where Dads got in free today!), and then settling in to watch the Sox, Tiger, AND the Celtics.

We got up and out to the Zoo first thing this morning! While it was quite muggy out, we arrived home just before the sky opened up. So the good news is that we weren't caught in the storm. The bad news is that it is probably 10 degrees cooler out there now which would have been much more pleasant for strolling through the exhibits!

Caroline had a great time overall!

Loved: The wolf, the bear, the tigers, the turkey, the bunnies, the Bird Show
Was Terrified of: The Peacock (as in seriously grabbing onto us and crying when it made a noise), the alligator sculpture, the cow

{Edited for clarification}
She did muster up enough courage to allow a bird to take her donation from her hand post live bird show. The bird placed her dollar into a collection bucket and she said "uh oh," which we think is just perfectly Caroline.

Here's a couple shots of our fun mid morning!
Happy Father's Day to all!


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