I want her to stay

When I picked Caroline up from school yesterday afternoon, her little friend Damien was picking up toys and putting them in their bins. I complimented him on what a good job he had done and he informed me that he wasn’t done yet (another reason I bow before the day care teachers – PICKING UP!!!) He was trying to tell me something which I couldn’t really understand and when I looked to the teacher for help, she was not even sure what he was saying. She did tell me that it was his last day in Caroline’s room because he was graduating to pre-school. I listened closer and he said, “I read to Caroline.” I thanked him for reading to her and asked him if he wanted to give her a hug goodbye, which he executed with such cuteness that it got ohhs and ahhs from passing parents and teachers.

D: “I want her to stay!”

K: “If she stays here will you take her home with you?”

D: “NO!”

K: “She’d have to stay her all by herself all night?”

D: Nods.

K: “Don’t you think she would be lonely?”

D: Nods.

K: “Then I guess I will have to take her home with me.”

D: “OK” Waves goodbye and walks away.

Seriously so sweet, but what would I have done if he said he WOULD take her home?

Have I mentioned yet that we are cautiously optimistic that we will be traveling to Philly this weekend to meet TJ!!!!!!!!!!


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