It was the beady little eyes that did it for her

More from the zoo...

As I sat with Steve at the end of the day, after bedtime, with Tiger playing the 18th hole one back from the leader (I called his shot going in by the way - never ever doubt Tiger) I couldn't help but smile thinking about the terrific day we had.

After seeing the live bunnies at the zoo and saying "look at the bunnies" more than was socially appropriate, Caro can now identify the bunny in her books when we ask her "where's the bunny?" For those keeping track that is four animals we can identify, more to come I am sure.

The peacock. Can we talk some more about the peacock? We saw it as we walked up the hill towards the carousel, feathers spread beautifully, and looking so majestic. I pointed wildly with such excitement, but my daughter just couldn't join in my elation. She clung to me, sucked her thumb like a madwoman, and was at first just unsure, then a la Sundry's son Riley - suspicious, and then when I attempted to put her feet to the ground crouching beside her she cowered into me holding onto my leg. She was downright petrified of that peacock and when it did sqwauk she really did race into my arms, flinging her arms around my neck, whimpering and crying real honest to goodness tears.

I was both surprised and delighted. Surprise came from her reaction which I never in a thousand years could have anticipated. Delight was from the fact that this moment may have been the first when she was really truly frightened of something and found safety in my arms. Sure, she's been nervous and asks to be picked up, but this was somehow different and it felt so amazing to be able to offer safety and reassurance to my baby girl. I wondered to myself what exactly I would do if that peacock suddenly charged at us, but laughed it off until later when another mom stopped by us with her ten month old and the peacock started making some scary purring noise which made us look at each other and book the heck out of "Peacock Place."


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