Less than six degrees of separation

A random email arrived in my inbox yesterday asking about a potential Boston College connection found via digital photo. “Why, yes” I answered not recognizing the emailer’s name. Long story made incredibly short…

She lives in same town as we do and recently signed up for a local Mom’s group. That is how she stumbled upon the photo of our family at Alumni Stadium. We joked about our little Eaglets and come to find out she and Steve graduated the same year! (I KNOW!!!) I shared that I had thought she had been referring to a photo from our albums here at McCashew and not the other Mom Group site. That led to the big reveal that I have a blog – and she said she had a blog and this is what I discovered…

She knows Sammy Valentine (In real life!)– who I found through Rylan – who I found through C3 Family – who ALSO has a spouse that graduated from Boston College the same exact year

Did you follow that? Apparently all roads lead to BC??

She and her husband, who live down the street practically, just welcomed a handsome and completely edible son Ethan… you can read more about the Littlest Loban Ethan here.

Howdy Neighbor!


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