nothing is safe

What do all of these things have in common?

A deep desire for a Portable DVD player. A cold. New pants. A skinned knee. A locked door. Respect for the Sucktaculars. A new route to the laundry machine. Pride.

...things the McFamily gained this weekend

We met up with the C3 Family on Friday night for dinner and when they heard we were headed to Philly for the weekend they kindly offered their portable DVD player for the ride. So nice of them and Caroline certainly did love it, so much so that we are actively looking for one of our very own. She just didn’t use it on our way to meet TJ.

I woke up with a cold on Saturday morning. We had been watching Caroline who was sniffly and drippy all week and felt assured that she was either no longer sick or that it was just teething. That all changed when I woke up all scratchy with a clogged nose. I called Tasha and laid out the sad abysmal situation and she and Tony opted to understandably postpone the visit. So SO incredibly BUMMED about missing out on chance numero dos to meet Mr. TJ, but we have discussed another date in hopes that we can still arrange a healthier meeting. FOILED AGAIN!!!

Since we were already dressed and packed up for the day & our kitchen was unusable, not to mention that the tile man would be ripping the dreaded and perpetually stained flooring up to install the new tile, we made alternate plans to get the heck out of dodge. Sick or not, home was not the place to be this weekend. Both our stove and fridge still occupy the dining room. (The fridge will be in permanent residence there until July 8th when the brandy new fridge is delivered and they haul away the piece o’crap that is our current cooling unit. Yes, it is that bad. It is more terrible than the 20-year-old version we have in our basement.)

I called my mother at 8:30 thinking for sure that I would be waking her, but she was up for both the call and an impromptu visit. We bee lined it to our neighborhood diner and enjoyed a little French toast breakfast before hitting the road to points North. Nana and Granda were delighted to spend some Q-T with Caroline and put out a lovely impromptu lunch for us to enjoy. Nana and I even braved the heat to take Caroline for a walk, where she fell fast asleep.

We knew we would be eating out for dinner since the kitchen at home was not an option. Feeling adventurous we headed to some outlets on the other side of CT, just about an hour ride from my hometown. We scored some steals including some new pants for me, flips for Caroline, and sadly Colleen – a Nike golf shirt for Steve. Thanks to the GPS we were able to locate a Friendlys up the street for dinner. Caroline she mowed her dinner, my fries, all of her applesauce (solo with the spoon by the way and EFFECTIVELY!), and then delighted in her very first ice cream sundae; a Cone Head in honor of her Uncle Brett who used to order them with extra Reeses on the bottom even when he was way older than 12. To say that she loved it is an understatement. I love that wide eyed “WOW this is delish where has this been all my life look” that kids make when they try something wonderful like ice cream and hot fudge sauce. She was a MESS, but since we had packed for the trip to Philly I had PJs to change her into and she actually fell asleep in the car with about 10 minutes to go paving the way for a nice smooth car to crib transition.

Sunday we tried to get a few things done around the house and keep Caroline occupied while not getting into too much trouble. We made a trip to Home Depot. We mulched. We trimmed hedges. Caroline is fast. Too fast. She was outside with me playing with the hose while I cleaned out the area around the central air unit and I swear on everything that I lost sight of her for less than 10 seconds and she was gone. Mrs. Sucktacular waved frantically to Steve while a bewildered Kerri looked up and around the side yard for a suddenly missing toddler who had found her little merry way to the STREET. Seriously. There are no words (or excuses!) for this. So thanks Sucktaculars version 2.0; less suckage, more neighborliness.

Somewhere along the way our fearless toddler who careens herself places at top speed at all times fell and scraped her little knee. She has scraped them before, but this one was really bad requiring Neosporin and band-aids. Not much we can do in this department though, she’s going to run, she’s going to fall. Short of keeping her in a bubble the only thing I can really do is invest in some Hello Kitty band-aids.

Once all our outdoor manual labor was complete and we were effectively drenched in sweat, the laundry was deemed too icky to let sit and I relived our laundry room days of yesteryear and brought the basket from the front door, through the garage, and down the basement stairs. While I was out changing a load over, Steve was getting our dinner ready. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a dazed toddler standing just outside the front door clutching onto the railing. Yup, we’ve got a door opener. Seriously. Two huge lessons for us in one day – we get it - she needs constant supervision. CONSTANT. I guess I need to come to grips with the fact that there is no getting ahead of her now. She had never opened the front door before! She has been trying to put the key in the lock, but never pulled the door handle. The alert has been raised from orange to red… nothing is safe.

We had our LAST (halleluiah!) picnic style meal in the living room on Caroline’s Ikea table last night. I highly recommend Big Y’s Fish and Chips dinners – so delicious– and Caro loved the tartar sauce. Steve calls her “The Condiment Queen.”

and finally…

Please join me in congratulating Uncle Brett on his new position! He has been promoted to Behavior Detection Officer(BDO).

Incredible Brett – we are so so PROUD of you!!!!


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