peanut butter cups, parties, petite croissants, piece meal renovation, and pipe dreams

There's lots to catch up on...

It's been a really nice weekend. The whole McCashew family is snoozing away. I can't nap and besides, even if I could, I had an entire mug of coffee this morning and now I remember why I can't drink it - I am so revved up and just not right! Lesson learned... I guess every now and again you need a reminder. I will just be thankful that I am not caffeine dependent because seriously my mind is racing faster than I can type. I was reading aloud from the seventeenth month of the What to Expect Toddler edition and I could feel my heart whirring and my speech was fast and furious - ugh - it's just no good for me to drink coffee. Please don't allow me coffee - remind me that I hate feeling this way - k?

Caroline and I spent some nice Mommy/Daughter time together on Friday checking out the playground at the beach in town and had it not been drizzling we would have stayed all day. She loved the slide and when it was starting to rain I had to pull her away to find cover. We stocked up on snacks for the 3rd and made Daddy a nice dinner. Steve and I drank Bud Limes and caught up on our Netflix. We love nights like that. Of course you know we ate 1/2 a container of mini peanut butter cups.

Marc traveled down from MA to visit with the C3s and the McCashews on Saturday. The kids slept like they had never slept for their naps and we got a bit of a late start to our trip to Rylan's second birthday party. I dropped the boys a local townie bar before we changed the carseat to the C3 mobile. It's a college bar, so I was really surprised to hear later that they were actually the youngest ones there! Rylan's party was so adorable; Elmo was everywhere, there was so much for the kids to do, and Aimee did an amazing job coordinating everything for such a big crowd. She is Super Mom! Rylan has some really nice friends too and everyone was so nice since Caroline and I hadn't met most of the guests before. We even met a family who lives here in town and their son is two days younger than Caroline. I hope we can meet up sometime! We had such a great time seeing the whole Dos Santos family (we hadn't met Pete yet) and meeting the Valentine Family (Sammy is the most precious baby girl!). Don't worry Chris, you'll get to meet the other Dads at the Blog BBQ in August.

Christina and I met back up with the Dads for a bit and then the boys stayed out for "boys night" while the Moms retired home for baths and bedtime with the kiddies. Steve didn't get home until after 11 and I had to play gatekeeper because he left his key at home. I suppose I could have just left the door unlocked, but something about being alone with the baby and an unlocked door just didn't sit right with me.

This morning we started out with Croissant French Toast at Chateau McCashew and even the kids enjoyed some grapes, french toast and SYRUP. It was so nice to see Marc! and C3s, we definitely need to make a point of seeing more of each other. Christian is so smart, incredible sweet, and such an amazing little boy. Caroline could learn an awful lot from him... like say not kicking poor little Penelope at Rylan's party. I ache for the day when Caroline will be self-sufficient on car rides like Christian is and I will no longer arrive at our destination feeling a bit green from constant amusement from the front to back seat. Soon I hope!

I am supposed to be doing laundry now - but I can't seem to motivate. I even posted a twitter that I was packing to force myself to, but I just can't seem to get going. Maybe after naptime. Maybe after dinner.

We never posted the official before and afters of the kitchen. It doesn't feel quite finished yet. We still have the molding/baseboards and the fridge to go. We decided not to put the old fridge back because we really did a number of the door casings getting it out. We were so careful! I know the people coming to install the new one and haul away the old one won't be nearly as careful as we were. So instead of taking the doors off, squeezing it through, me hyperventilating that we are destroying even more of the casings, we opted to live large with the fridge in the dining room for awhile. Just a few more days and we'll be one step closer to feeling finished... how long until we start plotting the next improvement you ask? a long long time. This is likely the last BIG home improvement project we will take on in this house... unless you count my pipe dream of expanding the upstairs bath to a more reasonable size. (I can almost feel our bank account aching from the pressure of that renovation!) How would we do that you ask? Oh simple, we would take out the closet in the second bedroom, install a new one on the far side of the room, close off the linen closet from hallway and open it into the new bathroom, move the tub against the back wall and relocate the vanity and make it a double (ohhh ahh!). Presto - glorious new bathroom, double the size. Crazy? yes. But we only have one bathroom, so why not MAXIMIZE? =) Bursting my own bubble...

Here's the before and after... now I am off to work off some of this awful caffeine...


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