Remember those pictures you voted on?

They are up in the contest gallery. I located one quite by accident on page 2oo and something ludicrous! I remembered that I submitted on the very first day so I took a stab in the dark that I would be near the end. Lots and lots and lots of entries. Even if we don't make the cut for the finals (and how could we honestly, look at all these great photos!) it is fun to be included up there for all to see.

File this under how to waste half a day at work - there are enough photos to keep you busy browsing for weeks and more and more are being added each it's not too late shutterbugs! A panel of judges will select just 120 for consideration by online voters later this month.

Once I found one photo, I was able to see all three entries (I tossed in one extra that I took post blog vote) and I bumped them up to lucky number 13 views so I could locate them again...

EDITED: (the view counters were reset, but I was able to locate them again using the same principle of looking at the end)


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