Secret Veggie Lover

At pick-up yesterday I nearly tripped over my daughter as I entered her classroom. Caroline was playing right next to the door with a baby doll. She was holding the baby doll on her lap feeding her from a little baby bottle. I kneeled down beside her and asked if she was feeding the baby and her reply was vigorous nodding. I asked her if she could hug the baby and she hugged her up to her head moving her body back and forth. I asked her to kiss the baby and she held the doll to her lips and went “mmmmmah.” God, I love her.

New things that amaze us this week:

"Caroline open your mouth" - opens mouth
"Put this in the wash please" - pjs from bathroom floor get moved quickly to the laundry bin - my own personal laundry fairy - Sundry take notice!
"Put on some music so we can dance" - goes to Fridge Farm and plays "Skip To My Lou"
"Where's your knee" - helped by the fact that she has that boo boo on her knee which apparently she points at all the live long day
Wants to wash Mommy's arms during bathtime, repeatedly points to and hold hand open for baby wash to be poured into her palm
After handwashing knows to dry her hands on a towel and then wants to hang it back up and in the bath removed washcloth from hanging place to wipe face and then hung it back up
Blows into a tissue (thanks to watching me cruise right through about 2000 nose blows this week)
"Roarrrrs" when she sees a photo of a bear in a book or when she sees the bear puppet with her arms up over her head - the cutest growl going
Helps in the kitchen with putting dishes away, bringing her plate from her table to the sink, putting peapods into a bowl while Mommy cuts chicken, mixing the stir-fry
The best is that if she is freaking out about getting something from the fridge you can ALMOST always redirect her to close it IF you ask her to "please help me close the door?!" which I am eternally grateful for and also realize will cease working approximately tomorrow.

Steve is in Albany today and will be there overnight coming back tomorrow at some point. So it is just the girls tonight and I am trying to think of something fun or silly for us to do post school pick-up. We didn’t really do a full grocery shop this week because we were without the stove still on Monday night and Steve was going to be gone and the fridge is still in the dining room and could this explanation be any longer. So I don't really have lots of easy dinner options for myself tonight and frankly, I am sort of not into cooking for both of us tonight. I realized last night when I was packing Caroline’s lunch for today that she doesn’t have any little gladwares of lovingly prepared veggies in the fridge. I felt a twinge of guilt that I was counting her spinach and ricotta ravioli as her veggie, but then I sighed and LET IT GO. She won’t eat them for me anymore, not even her beloved sweet potatoes. I am pretty sure she eats them at school because various caregivers are always telling me that they cannot believe how much she eats. I think by the time dinner rolls around she is so pooped she isn’t interested in eating much, especially not a vegetable. Or perhaps she is a secret veggie lover and just delights in my exasperation when I try again and again to tempt her with green beans and peas & carrots. I have some new recipes I want to try, but part of me just can't put in all that effort if she will just pooh pooh the results. Last night I made a really yummy chicken stir-fry with a pretty mild sauce and she took bites of everything; peppers, peapods, mushrooms, chicken… and then she promptly spit them out. She even wiped her tongue off at one point. I get it kid. You don’t want it. She did go cookoo for the plain brown rice we prepared on the side, and by cookoo I mean using her spoon to shove mouthful after mouthful of rice down her gullet. She is becoming quite a utensil pro which is awesome.

So this is me, letting it go. Someday she will love broccoli, until then I will keep offering them, making googly eyes when I try them falling all over myself with HOW GOOD THEY ARE, and then breathe nice even deep breaths while I sweep up pieces of pepper, mushroom, and chicken from the dining room floor. Maybe we do need a dog afterall?


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