Superglued to her seat

You know how much we are loving our little Red IKEA Caroline sized table. Apparently there is a new reason to love it even more.

We keep noticing that when we sit her down at her table, either by plopping her in the seat and pushing it in or convincing her with a snack, her princess cup, or toys that she stays put. In fact, she will sometimes look at us with a very whiney face and half stand looking at us, pleading us to please release her from her seat. It isn’t as if she cannot get down herself, quite the contrary.

Steve quickly suggested that perhaps this was a learned behavior from school. So I asked Sara at drop off one morning about the table rules while Caroline mowed her second breakfast of the day. She shared that yes, they try to keep the kids sitting down at the table while they eat. I wanted to kiss her.

Thanks be the school, my child will sit in a chair without straps, without argument, and in her own little whining language will ask me if she may be excused.


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