Water obsessed, except for when she isn't

At school, it is the kid-sized sinks. At home, it is the bathtub & the kitchen sink. Outside with friends, it is the water table. At the beach, it is her direction for Poppa to please fill this adorable watering can for the upteenth time. Caroline loves water.

I took her outside to set up the sprinklers to feed our more brown than green lawn. She was enamored with them, pointing at the water spraying, reaching out to touch the mist. I looked across the driveway at the car which I am quite sure was last washed in 2006 and thought; she would love to help wash the car. Fatal parenting assumption.

I took her inside to fetch the bucket, the sponge, the spray nozzle and as soon as I started filling the bucket instead of leaning in close to inspect the bucket filling she raced away in the opposite direction, up the front steps and started banging on the door to go in. That might not sound so bad, but this is the same child who is constantly non-stop banging on the other side of the door to get outside. It is all outside, all the time, lately.

She wanted nothing to do with the washing. The spraying terrified her. What did she like? Playing in the dirty puddle created by the rinsing. Nice.

Chalk this one up to a common parenting error; “My child will absolutely love this!” They rarely love what we think they will do they?


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