Where's Uncle Hokie?

Uncle Hokie would be Auntie C's fiance' Greg, who very early in Caroline's life was given the moniker by Auntie K and it has totally stuck, even more so than we thought Cash would. I am unsure how he even feels about this nickname.

Recently we received in the mail two shutterfly photo books I created for Caroline with all the people in her life that love her; aunts, grands, great grands, friends like Ryan. She has been flipping through it, mostly pointing to Steve and saying Dada, or pointing at me and saying Dada.

Yesterday on our way home from school she was flipping through and I was asking her "Where's Kiki?" "Where's Granda?" "Where's Uncle Hokie?" BANG - she flipped right to the all Auntie C and Uncle Hokie page and pointed him out looking up at me from her carseat from some praise.

I called Colleen and Kiki to share the story and while we will have to keep at it practicing everyone else's name and pointing them out - it does seem that "the little minx" (Steve calls her this all the time)has quite an affinity for her soon to be real life Uncle Greg.

Related Note: At Kiki's urging I am going to contact Shutterfly because what a great idea this book is! More parents, especially those that see family less frequently as we do, should be keen to this!


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