Word of the Day: Frenum

There was an incident at school yesterday.

I got call towards the end of the day from Sara, which always makes me hold my breath. I found myself saying, “yeah?” over and over while she detailed what I was sure would be a terrible accident resulting in a trip to the ER AND BY GOD she would be accompanying me because HELLO single Mom for the night!!

Caroline and Hannah were playing in a doll sized pack n’ play. Apparently they had been playing in it all morning climbing in and out and at times sitting in it together. Caroline went to climb out at one point (CORRECTION - SHE WAS REACHING OUTSIDE THE PACK N PLAY FOR AN OBJECT) and fell face forward onto the carpet. She bruised her lip and tore (just a slight tear I assure you) her frenum. It’s that little piece of tissue that connects your upper lip to your gums. (Medical terminology courtesy of Kiki.) She was bleeding from the tear, but some TLC and some ice pops helped tremendously and by the time I got there at 4:15 she was playing happily.

Clearly there will be no more climbing in and out of the doll pack n’ play. Doesn’t that go without saying though? I am disappointed that she got hurt doing something so obviously silly and also a bit dangerous, but am relieved that she is ok, save for the Shiloh Jolie-Pitt upper lip she is sporting today. We’ll just call her "Shi" and call it a day.

We didn’t end up going out to dinner because I wanted to get as many Popsicles in contact with that tender lip and frenum as possible before bedtime. We did get take out Eggplant Parm because a. no cooking and b. Daddy isn’t a fan. Caroline sure is though! She loved it and ate just as much of it as I did. Daddy better adjust his tastes because I am sure we will be having it again, sorry Steve.

We went for a nice walk with our neighbor Ann before Caroline settled right down to sleep for me at just about 8, allowing me to get up and close and personal with at least two servings of mini peanut butter cups.
We missed Daddy, but he’s already back in CT and we can’t wait to see him tonight!


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