This entire weekend has been amazing, tiring, but amazing nonetheless.

Let's devote this post entirely to things Billy related because for many reasons I could write about this for weeks. After my epic post on Thursday I will attempt to tell our epic tale in snippets. I'd hate to lose anymore of you than I already have with all the rambling. Though I did pick up quite a few hints via comment and email about furnishings. THANKS!

There I go already - diving off course -

First and foremost the biggest thank you in the world to Nana and Granda for not only coming down on Friday to watch Caroline, but for organizing their work schedules to leave early to do so. We heard they had a great night with their granddaughter, that she was out cold before the show even officially started and that they would love to do it again. We absolutely could not have gone to the show without this kind of support from our family and we are extremely grateful. It was nice to share part of Saturday with them on the playground with Caroline, chasing monster-sized wasps, putting baking soda remedies on a hornet sting, trying a local hot dog, and reminiscing about our amazing (and alarmingly long) night out.

Billy was the best we've ever seen him. He didn't actually begin until about 9 pm & Steve and I were both struck by the sheer size of Shea which felt so much bigger than Fenway and so saddened that they would tear something with so much history down. I'm skipping way ahead here...

... Had 8 tickets when we entered the limo at 4:30 PM
... Had 4 tickets at 5:00 PM - we still haven't found the other 4
... Tom called into a branch location of his employer and we were miraculously able to make a pit stop to print 4 more - god bless you e-ticket option!
... Lots of traffic = lots of opportunity for pre-gaming which = many people needing the facilities as soon as we arrived at Shea
... Steve popped open a fresh adult beverage just before exiting the car and seeing the BC tailgate style partying happening just 5 feet away behind a chain link fence was inspired to hold onto that Bud Light. He went to the trunk to grab a few more for those whose bladders could not take another single second and was id'd... then asked to follow the nice park ranger... then passed off to a supervisor... then fined 25.00 for his open container. This could have been much much MUCH worse - fine could have been as high as 100 and even marked as a criminal offense with a mandatory court appearance, but he "liked Steve's attitude." No I am not making that up. Best part of this part of the story is that the ranger all but said he ticketed Steve for his Sox hat. Good thing he skipped the Pedroia T shirt. Catastrophe averted and a pretty funny story to share.
... With no post concert meeting point discussion we scattered to our seats and Steve realized he left his phone in the limo. Not only did he feel naked, but he also was completely sure that we were going to be abandoned in Queens.
... Billy started with Miami 2017 and as his shows go by the mid way point it was an all out sing along, everyone standing/swaying, and singing along. This was helped along by these additional elements:

Tony Bennett singing New York State of Mind
Garth Brooks singing Shameless
A group of soldiers, NYPD, and NYFD singing the chorus of Goodnight Saigon, which brought me to the brink of hyperventilating the tears were flowing so fast and so hard, thinking of Rob, the War in Iraq, this concert, those soldiers, 911. It was just too intense.
Roger Daltrey from the Who with My Generation
Steven Tyler belting out Walk This Way
Sir Paul McCartney himself just arrived from London bringing Shea back to 1964 with Saw Her Standing There. The place was electric all night, but when he came out the place was shaking, it was easy to imagine Beatlemania and even my 30 year old self was jumping and screaming and holding onto Steve to be sure I didn't fall over the bar I was practically hopping over
Billy closed out with Piano Man, fans started vacating quickly, but flew back to the seats in droves filling in every available space in the aisles and exits for Paul McCartney's curtain call, "Let It Be." There were two older women standing kitty corner to us, clutching onto each other, their husbands behind them, all with tears in their eyes. It was an amazing moment; as it began, so shall it end...

Nothing can take away from this night, nothing, not even what happened next.

No we didn't get stranded as Mr. Pessimist forecasted, in fact the opposite happened. Without any prior discussion we all descended on the spot where we were last together. Within five minutes of exiting the stadium we were all present and accounted for. Without a single cell phone call!!! We weren't going to be stranded afterall! or were we?

Our limo never arrived to pick us up. You know the one with Steve's phone in it? That's all I will say about the phone because really it had been discussed ad nauseum. ahem. They sent another car to get us, but never sent it until we called for pick up and we waiting 2 hours for its arrival as the parking lots emptied, as the police drove through kicking the tailgaters out. We finally blessedly arrived home at 3am and you know our wake up call comes at 6 so you do the math. We're still recovering from the sleep deprivation.

Even with the snags - it was the BEST night and extra special thanks must go out to Tom& Ann, Aron & Julie (CONGRATS you two on the engagement, I am so glad I didn't say anything to spoil the big surprise!!!!) without whom we would have completely missed out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Tom and I had a nice chat about how we will tell our grandkids we were at this show and is that ever true. For me, nothing will ever touch this concert. It was such a ride, such an experience, such an honor to be there.

More on Caroline's weekend coming - I am sure by now you are sick of hearing about us!


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