Caroline want a cracker?

Caroline napped for over two hours for Sara and Michelle yesterday at school. I was instantly jealous and relieved. Thanks Be. She scooted right in the classroom door this morning and got to requesting breakfast number 2. Where is she putting all this food?

She noshed on quartered grapes while I prepared two scrambled eggs this morning, one of which had my name on it I might add. While we waited for those to cool down on a plate, I tossed my bag lunch together (also taking out Steve’s condiments and yogurt – aren’t I helpful!) which seemed to entertain her. She has really been fighting the high chair lately and I think its days are sadly numbered. She would much prefer to sit at her little table or sit in a grown up chair. We have a wonderful little hook on chair that I think I might try down the road because it will give her the feeling of sitting at the table with us like a big girl while still confining her. It is all about the caging. Anywho – back to those eggs.

Caroline enjoyed not half BUT ALL of the eggs this morning. I peppered them with a smidge of salt and she literally could not get enough of them. Oh what about my breakfast? How thoughtful of you for wondering – a handful of grapes and some oj. Better luck next time. I am going to have to start arm-wrestling my daughter for seconds on breakfast apparently.

Of course now that I have written of Caroline’s love for slightly seasoned scrambled eggs I will be the one with egg on my face later this week when they are outright refused and probably in fact thrown in my face. Hardy har har.

There is a massive amount of development happening in our house right now. Caroline has turned into a parrot overnight. She is trying very hard to repeat after us.

Mommy: “Can you say______?”
Caroline: “some sounds that might be almost reminiscent of the word"

Here are some examples, which I think are just adorable.

Up – Up-ah
Cup – Tup
Down – Dowwww
Love ya – varied reply - but tries!
All done – All done (mastered!)
Kitty – still titty
Hi – Hiiiii – lilting
Open – opah
Please – eese
Thank You – for the most part unintelligible, but an attempt nonetheless!
Reese – eeeeeesssseeeee

Yesterday and again this morning she gathered up her bath toys from under the sink and brought them into our bedroom to play with. Yesterday she gathered them all up when we asked her to pick up her toys and brought them back into the bathroom placing them neatly on their shelf. That’s my girl. This morning she did the same, collecting and putting back. The surprise was that when Steve pulled back the shower curtain, there lay the upside down drain stopper covering the drain just so, ready for him to take his bath.

Caroline’s understanding of the world around her is growing by leaps and bounds – though I am very happy to report that her world is also neat and orderly.


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