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And just like that another week winds down. It must be something about summer because I don’t recall my weeks going by quite this fast in the wintertime.

My mind is like one big jumble and lucky ol’ you gets to attempt to somehow turn the mess in my head into a legible translation. I’ve got lots going on up there; the two online shopping bags that sit waiting for me to “checkout”, finding a bench and side table for the new living room set up, Caroline’s diaper rash, preparing the house for an overnight stay by my parents, elation that I will FINALLY get to meet TJ this weekend up in MA, and you know freaking the heck out about seeing Billy Joel’s Last Play at Shea this Friday night, Oh did I forget to mention that???

Those darn shopping bags… My face needs that Keihl’s order soon and I do have free shipping so I just need to head that screen over to checkout and be done with it already. I really only do it twice a year and though Steve protests that I should just get some cleanser and moisturizer at CVS, he does not realize I would probably spend MORE getting the more moderately priced items more often than my luxurious gentle foaming face wash every 6 months. The Gap order is a bit more frivolous, but still kind of necessary because it includes some staples I need to replenish for my new grown up working Mommy wardrobe (think neutral tanks and long sleeve Ts for “layering” – what is that exactly?? How does one know what to layer with what?). I really made an effort this week to look polished and yet still a bit sassy each day – INCLUDING MONDAY. Today I am wearing a shirt I purchased back at the beginning of the summer season (It's MAGENTA with cute puffy capped sleeves)and had yet to wear. My issue is that I find something cute and then have trouble getting it acclimated into my everyday wardrobe. What to pair it with? When to wear it? I think I inherited another weird quirk from my mother – I keep the tags on new items just like she does even though I know that between purchase to tag clippage there is zero chance I will return it. (Love you MOM!!!) Steve asked me why I purchase something and then don’t wear it for months. I cannot answer this question. Please tell me I am not alone?

Don’t start thinking that I have turned into a shopping maven overnight! (why do I really worry about what the internet thinks?) I think this new “look I actually care about my appearance!” leaf just needs to be addressed somehow here, as part of the FOR ME movement I spoke about on Tuesday. Perhaps you don’t really care what I am buying, what I am hemming and hawing over, that I am completely utterly lost in creating a “style” for myself? What is a style anyway??? At thirty I have decided that enough is enough, though I could get away with the Ts and flips, I just don’t want to anymore. I see middle aged women with their kids out and about and I think - YOU COULD DO BETTER THAN THAT - and then I pan down and see my barely polished toes sticking out of flips beneath stubbly legs bearing the same shorts I wore to paint in over the weekend. Gulp.

Onto the home improvement… I am on the hunt for a cute little bench, preferably one with storage within or via basket beneath, though a settee is really my ideal. There is a perfect place for it between the windows that would really "connect the seating," which is how I got the go ahead to even dream about it from Steve. I am thinking either leather or a funky surprising pattern of some kind. Two ottomans with storage would do just fine too. That means I have just added another dimension to that project because previously I just wanted a table there for the lamp. So I am officially on the hunt for a kick a$$ “bench,” an eclectic skinny side table, and an interesting mirror or piece of art for the empty wall. Help?

*disclaimer* I ha ha ha do NOT intend on purchasing said bench or ottoman at either of these wonderful stores, but this will give you an idea about what we have in mind. It's always fun to look!

Ottoman (They also make a two ottoman fused looking bench) Ottoman style bench
Leather bench
Cushioned bench
Heck - let's just add in the settee too (in coastal striple!)

I was greeted with looks of despair from the non-regular child care providers yesterday at pick up. Seems that something Caroline ate did not sit well with her, hmmm perhaps tacos weren’t a good idea afterall?, and she had many many dirty diapers all the live long day. You know what that means right? A sore red diaper area. She literally was trying to climb off the table during changes and the girls explaining this to me seemed so genuinely concerned for her. We were alarmed at bedtime when we finally laid eyes on "the area," but nothing that a little (read a LOT!) of Triple Paste can’t tackle right? We slathered it on nice and thick and this morning there was quite a reduction in redness. Cross your fingers that we are on the path to relieve on that front.

The parental visit is feeling somewhat like a papal visit, what with all the preparations we are making; clean sheets/towels, a dust free clutter free Neil approved abode, new movies from Netflix for their watching enjoyment, snacks in the snack drawer, beer in the fridge. Ok, so this doesn’t sound like a papal visit at all, but the preparations come from the excitement of having them down with us overnight to enjoy Caroline. My parents are leaving early Friday afternoon to babysit Caroline while we go down to NYC. I think saying they are excited goes without saying and any compulsion I felt to write a list of where things are or how the bedtime routine goes were quickly put to rest when my mother reminded me that Caroline could help her find the pajamas, which really I am sure she meant as, we will be fine. And I know that they will be.

On Sunday we are driving up to Western MA to meet his cuteness TJ!!! Tasha and Tony are up for the weekend and while I am sure they will be overwhelmed and inundated with many admirers, they made time for us to sneak in a brunch with them on Sunday. FINALLY!!!! Cross your “be well” fingers for us that the fam’s health continues as is and we are able to meet him in person this weekend. So so looking forward to the visit!!!

AND – what better way to end the week than a Friday night out sans baby with friends down to NYC in a limo to watch BILLY JOEL’S LAST (REALLY!) PLAY AT SHEA!?!?!?!?

Here is the amazing set list
from Wednesday night’s show!

And here is the NY TIMES review of the performance!!

If John Mayer, Tony Bennet, Don Henley and John Mellencamp were there on Wednesday, please tell me who will be there on Friday because I need to know so I don’t stop breathing on the spot during the show!

This will be my third time seeing him (once with Elton – unreal and there are rumors HE WILL BE THERE!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!, and once solo at the Fleet with Marc and Kelly – it was our first official Kelly meeting and it was abundantly clear to us that they were both absolutely smitten) and though I have seen him before, those performances only intensify my excitement because – BILLY JOEL!!

This will be the last musical performance at Shea before they tear it down. For those not in the NYC know (like I am?) the Beatles were the first to perform there, which makes Steve think that maybe just m-a-y-b-e a Beatle or two might stop by. Ahhhhhhhh! This only gets me thinking that we need to get a game set up between now and the playoffs because otherwise Caroline won’t make it to Shea herself and then HOW oh HOW would I ever cross that off my 101 list?????

Have a great weekend! I might have to post a mini recap pre Tuesday to avoid crashing blogger with what is sure to be a looooonnnnnnngggggg wordy review.


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