Drop it for the DVD

We’ve discovered something that might be dangerous. It’s not a reachable oven knob – though we are about to just remove them altogether when we aren’t cooking. (I think the knob gurads would be as interesting or MORE than the actual knobs.) It’s not even a sharp corner of a table or a precarious little corner perfect for hiding in, but too hard to get out of without hitting your head. We, or should I say Caroline, discovered Nemo.

We try to limit Caroline’s TV watching to early mornings when no one can fathom being awake enough yet to entertain a toddler, small snippets of Noggin, or 15 minutes of a DVD. It’s no secret that Caroline has a thing for fish, so not long ago I started putting in Finding Nemo instead of The Lion King (don’t worry – he’ll make a triumphant return someday!) and WHAM! She’s hooked.

Somehow we have narrowly escaped the clutches of the Disney Princesses, though I am sure that in a few short months she will be clamoring for Belle or Ariel or Snow White. I’ll have no one to blame for that but myself, I just can't help but fuel the Disney Fire! We don’t yet own Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or The Little Mermaid (I know!! I know!!), but what kind of mother to my own personal princess would I be if we missed the time between available and "in the vault?" I hate "the vault" time limited pressure. At twenty bucks a pop, these princess movies are awfully pricey. I have shown restraint thus far mainly because she's not been all that interested in Belle.

Yesterday when we replenished our diapers and wipes for the month at BJs, I found a Disney Princess collection of 4 little board books – Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast. I reluctantly cracked Cinderella thinking it would be “Cinderella Makes A Friend” and was shocked to read a 10-page synopsis of the actual REAL HONEST TO GOODNESS story of Cinderella! For 8.99 I couldn’t pass it up. I thought about putting it away until Christmas, but thought this little set might make way for interest in those classic beauties for Christmas when she will be recieving a few things we picked up a local Disney Store closing sale.

At this point I would venture to guess that The Little Mermaid will be top dog Disney Princess because of the whole underwater theme, which brings me BACK to the point of this long entry that was supposed to be about Nemo. She could be mid spin, mid bite, or mid tantrum and with even just a whispered mention of Nemo, Caroline drops everything, including her bad attitude, and races into the family room. She knows which cabinet the case is in, though lately we just leave it in the player and she freaks the heck out until you tell her to go sit and watch. She loves this movie and will watch completely engrossed – reacting with the “I don’t know” gesture appropriately – thumb in mouth - for about 10 – 15 minutes and then she’s off to other things. I could use this time for me, but I never do, we always watch together all snuggled up and I really cherish that quiet time with Caroline. I ask her questions - explain that Dory is blue - Marlin is orange - and ask her to parrot words back to me. We love the sea turtles best, dude. Totally.


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