a funny thing happened in the tub

Steve was disappointed in my word list and pointed out that I missed hot (hotttt), fishy (fissy), and no (yes, we have arrived at no). I am a lousy reporter and should not be allowed to share with the pediatrician all the things Caroline is doing. Whenever someone says, “how many words does she have?” I am suddenly speechless and left struggling, “well she sort of says this and that and oh there’s this one and how many is that?” So I am just going to say that we are working with maybe 10 solid words, a few that only we can translate, and many random speech attempts. Michelle shared with me this morning that Caroline will say “shel,” (her nickname) very quietly and yet HELLO – I am Momma, Mommy, Ma, could you please perty please address me in some way? The only time I ever hear ma sounds at all are when I am out of the room and she is calling for me and I am unsure if saying ma in distress really counts.

A funny thing happened last night in the bathtub.

Caroline has been laying down kicking her feet near the end of the tub, when I have let the water out and she is trying to get as low as she can to continue playing. Mid kick she placed her chin down into the water. It shocked her a bit, but she looked up at me, grinned, and did it again. She blew bubbles mistakenly and I started taking water up to my lips to blow bubbles too and before we knew it she had her face in the water blowing bubbles. So funny. A future Olympic swimmer? Who knows? Based on her most recent interests we could forecast many things; a librarian, a hairstylist, a demolition derby driver, a mountain climber, a zoo keeper, or an organizational guru.

Speaking of little miss organized, we once again had all the squirty bath toys all over the bedroom floor this morning. I gathered up the whale, sea gull (I always squeeze it and say “mine mine mine” and if anyone gets where this is from I will officially not feel crazy), and hippo, but we couldn’t find the alligator. So Steve asked, “Caro, where’s the alligator?” She sauntered right over to the still needs to be cleansed of all dangerous items bathroom drawer. Steve asked her not to open the drawer, but poof, what did she have in her hand? Mr. Alligator.

Caroline also helped me select my shoes this morning and while they do look cute with my outfit, I could have done with a full back today in this ridiculous weather. I keep forgetting that the Jetta locks all the doors once you are moving and I got absolutely soaked when I jumped out of the car during a torrential downpour to race to school’s door. I had thought I was being all smart unstrapping her from the front seat, gathering her bag together on her lap, but when the back door wouldn’t open and I was pushing buttons while cursing the heavens feeling my shirt soak through completely in the back, I realized I was not nearly as stealth as I thought I was. That’ll show me. 90 minutes later the bottoms of my pants and my socks are still damp and let’s not even discuss hair. We need the rain, but there is some crazy flooding already happening over near school which could make for an interesting pick up this afternoon.



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