The Little Red Chair

I've said before that during dinner prep I often pull out one of the dining room chairs with the side arm rests for Caroline's sous chef duties; playing with a spoon in the sink or breaking green beans in half and putting them into a bowl. Yesterday after dinner she pulled her own little chair over to the counter and stood on the seat all by herself. Now, while I am loving that she wants to be involved and that she can generalize that her chair and the dining room chairs are both chairs, I am not so impressed with the complete safety hazard this presents. I moved her chair beneath my work space in an attempt to make it a smidge safer, but really, I'm not trying to kid anyone, I know it isn't a good idea. Since I started it, I will have to figure a way around it.

As I was washing the mornings dishes and drying them (who wants to empty the clean dishwasher in the morning? not me!), Caroline pulled her little red chair over to the counter and stood up on it to get a better view of what was happening. She handed me the fork to dry and opened the child locked drawer as much as the little child lock allowed to pull out a roll of scotch tape. When I had put the dishes in a neat dry pile, I said "all done" and we did a little high five to thank her for her help. She pulled the drawer open its 2 inches and deposited the tape right where she had found it, hopped down off the chair and began pushing it all over the house. I took that time to put our lunches into our respective bags, turn off the lights, look around the cluttered dining room and sigh, and then announced, "ok, time to go to school!" She took off with her chair through the living room, past the dining room table, and into the kitchen where she deposited it perfectly in place under its matching red table.

I followed her to the door shaking my head at this little perfectionist I have created and was met with a pointing frantic little miss asking for her "hat." She pulled it on herself and even tried to do the velcro solo before she began reaching for the door handle to head off on her day.

Is the perfectionist behavior a girl thing? or am I destined for a preschooler who has to have her crayons put away in the box according to the colors of the rainbow and have her sheets tucked just so before she can settle into sleep? Not that I ever did/do those things! I secretly love my perfectionista who enjoys putting things away, throwing things in the trash (though I wish she wouldn't remove her drawings from the fridge, crumple them, and toss them!), lining up her baby dolls, putting her new princess board books back into the packaging they came in "just so," and who this morning after finding an old bag of veggie potato sticks promptly ate the remains and then threw the ziploc away all by herself.


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