McBeach Toddler

As of 11 o’clock last night, we are packed and ready to go.

Monday morning I sat down on the couch with my notepad and started writing my usual last minute list of things to do and pack. Caroline sat down next to me and wanted a piece of paper and my pen, so I tore her off a sheet and handed her a crayon. I started writing out my list and then noticed that a little girl sitting next to me was writing her own list, peeking at mine, and returning to her own scribbles. So cute, but also a bit creepy that at nearly 17 months old she wants to write lists like Mommy. She is very much into mimicking things now and in particular things that Mommy does. She still won’t say Momma or Mommy unless she is upset or frustrated, but she does point to me when I say “can you say Momma?” I’ll take it.

Yesterday she started saying “up.” She gestured to me to pick her up by holding her arms over her head and squeezing her fingers together and so I did, but I said “you want to come up? Say up” and she did, clear as day, with emphasis on the PAH at the end. HA!

We ran some errands and hit the playground before her nap, and then I washed the floors, packed myself, and organized for the trip. We hit the playground and the water table in the afternoon, but it was just too darn hot to be outside.

So we are ready. Steve will follow my list (imagine! a list?!?) and pack the car when he gets home from work this afternoon and then he’ll make a cameo appearance at school to pick up our little lovely so that when I get home I can shimmy into comfier travel duds and we can hit the road. Caroline will be wearing her pjs just in case she might happen to fall asleep on the way, but thanks to Target she’s got three new $1 flap books (States, Colors, and Animals) and a travel magna doodle to keep her occupado in the back seat for what I expect will be whole minutes at a time!

The difference in a year is astounding. Last year at this time we were struggling to feed a perpetually hungry Caroline, packing involved a lot more than cute outfit selection, books, and a sinful amount of snacks, and tears were being shed about starting daycare on July 10th (I cannot get over that we’ll have been at daycare for a whole year next week!?! They can’t either and they can even recall the tearful sad goodbye). Even more jaw dropping crazy are these photos and my absolute disbelief that Caroline was ever this size.

Steve remarked last night after chit chatting with the neighbors I accosted awhile back that he cannot recall Caroline being a tiny little baby like their daughter Madeline, that it just sort of feels like she has always been this size. It seems like lightyears ago doesn't it? (Coincidentally - Ann I wish you had come over to meet them!!)

So we are off to points north, to that very special beach, where this year instead of long naps by the sea and passing around a snuggly baby, we expect sand castle building, water fetching, rock skipping, sand eating, and lots and lots of chasing.

I cannot wait.


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