Ponies and Piggies, but not on a farm

Michelle has been putting Caroline's hair into a Pebbles-esque ponytail at school. It is adorably tilted to the side and only a couple inches long, but so sweet. Yesterday at pick-up, where I was greeted and hugged and then ignored(!), Caroline was sporting not one, but TWO adorable little piggytails. We took photos that I haven’t gotten around to uploading. I tried to recreate the piggies this morning, but she will have NONE of it. I thought I had a real shot while she was very involved in blueberry muffins eating and she still shook her head and whined as if me pulling her hair together actually hurt. Honestly!

I reluctantly admitted to Michelle that after several failed attempts at ponies and piggies my husband declared that I must ask her for a tutorial asap. Another teacher in an adjoining classroom said that she thinks 90% of the kids won’t let their parents do their hair at home, but will tolerate the teachers doing it at school for them. What gives Caro? I can’t be shuttling you into school on Mondays and Fridays (not to mention WEEKENDS!) to complete your look! Any advice? Perhaps Christian will come and help me out??

I promised a potty update. Don’t be expecting to read about miracles like actual usage just yet, but we did purchase this on Monday because she has been very interested in the grown up version at home and even tries to take her clothes off when she is in the bathroom. So we are embracing it, baby steps right? Caroline definitely gets what it is because she was very excited to climb the stairs and go show it to Daddy when he came home from work on Monday. She keeps standing up to look inside and then sits back down when she doesn’t find anything. HA! Yesterday when she was sitting she asked me for a piece of tissue, which I indulged even though the TP is on the list of untouchable items. She floored me by wiping and then handing it back to me. WHAT?!?! So this blog has clearly moved in a new direction – I once thrilled you with unnecessary breastfeeding information and you can look forward to potty talk. Cleary we’ve just begun and we have no real expectations at this time. I don’t see a plate of M&Ms on the counter just yet. By the way, is that gross to anyone but me? "Here have an snack that has been sitting out in the dirtiest germiest room in the house as a reward for your excellent effort." I think stickers sound AWESOME!

I have quite a few little videos to upload as well of things like Patty Cake and Caroline spinning in a circle screeching with excitement. Those can speak for themselves.

So back to business – ponies and piggies – please share your secret method!


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