2nd Annual TOGAS

First, I suppose I need to make note of the changes you may have noticed. I moved the long lineup of photos and the 101 list to a new area of the sidebar called “McCashew Extras.” I have been noticing that while the links to the Picasa photos work, the cover shots of many were sporadically not working. I hate seeing a little red x where my beautiful daughter’s face should be, so I rectified that. So just in case I am not the only one who likes to periodically scroll through just those cover shots from birth to present, rest assured they have safely been moved to a new, better and less distracting location. As for the 101 list, it’s long, it’s very long. I am hoping that by moving it to this new place I will remember to check it more often to plan ways to complete those tasks.

We spent the majority of our evening last night packing things up for Steve’s 2nd Annual TOGAS Golf Weekend. He has really been looking forward to it and is fired up to get up to MA early enough tonight so that he can rest up for what I am sure will be a great weekend for these boys. Caroline and I are lucky enough to get an opportunity to bask in the end of summer sun at the beach with Kiki and Papa. The Aunties and Uncle Hokie are purported to be making an appearance as well. Some of the ladies that match the boys on the golf weekend will be coming down on Saturday for a little beachside luncheon and hopefully some great weather. Caroline and I are very much looking forward to catching up with the girls!

I think after several beach trips I have finally learned how to properly pack up Caroline for a weekend at the beach; multiple swimsuits, extra swim diapers, after swim apparel, lots of play clothes, things in case it gets cold and pjs. Try as I might to leave the cute dresses and outfits, I couldn’t resist bringing a few just in case, but I know she won’t likely wear them. She’s going to be too busy asking her Papa to take her into the water again.

I can’t end this post without acknowledging that tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of my roommate Robert Pirelli’s death in Iraq.

En route to a Sox game recently with Jesse and Amy, I had a few moments to visit the new Veteran’s Memorial at Northeastern. I found Rob’s smooth silver plaque, in the shape of a dog tag, right there at eye level. It brought me great peace to see that his memory will remain a part of campus, the place where we shared many laughs and created our college memories, still as vivid in my mind as they were back in 2001. Thinking of Robby and his family.


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