Beach Bums

It is Tuesday and by now I am sure you either wholeheartedly accept my typically lengthy weekend recaps or ignore them completely waiting for juicier details of our life later in the week. You can skim, I don’t mind.


We hit the road for the beach just after 4pm, armed with Cliff bars, two cups of milk, and many amusements. Caroline did magnificently, though as has become protocol, I was a bit woozy from the constant turning around to amuse the toddler. Caroline was so so good in the car and did not sleep a wink, which was the plan. Kiki and Papa had prepared a lovely dinner for us and welcomed us warmly. Caroline hit the hay a bit late, but was no worse for the wear – meaning she did not exactly sleep in.


It was a strange day at the beach. The air was hot and humid one moment and then cool with a foggy mist the next. We all sat out on the beach until thunder rumbled in the distance in the early afternoon. Caroline had an absolute blast playing on the beach, smooshing pail castles, and begging Papa to take her back into the water. Kiki found this and it has been amazing to have. Though we typically start out the beach day in swimsuit and shirt, we typically end up in swimmie diaper and this shirt, which is so fabulously easy. Auntie k even came down for the day! We were left to our own shopping devices when Kiki and Papa traveled north into Boston to check out a wedding venue with Auntie C and Uncle Hokie. Traffic on Route 3? An accident? No problem for us! We went back roads and found our way to Derby Street after just one quick stop for directions.

Poor Auntie k got to see Shopper Caroline in action. She handles stores fine if she is in her stroller, with a snack and amusements. Unleash her stroller free and you find yourself suddenly chasing around a little girl who is not racing about aimlessly, but legitimately shopping the racks. Try to restrain her at that point – woe! I thought about returning to the car for the stroller, but knew that getting her restrained at that point would have been a futile battle. The shoppers met back up with Kiki and Papa for dinner and after one of us had a nice little (and very necessary) catnap on the ride back. Caroline did amazingly well considering the more than hour wait for a table at dinner and did she eat? What didn’t she eat??? It was a late night for her, but Papa got her to settle down to sleep.

So where was Steve all this time? At the Sox game sitting in the Monster seats with Sean, Marc, and Booty. Perhaps you saw him?? Youkilis hit a homer in the first inning that went right to them! Yup!!! What happened to the ball? No, he doesn’t have it. Did he give it away? HA HA – no. It hit his hand, bounced off, and went behind them to the row behind them. He thinks that if he had ducked they would have gotten it. So sad, but he had a great time!


Steve was back at the beach before 9 AM – which was astounding considering I had not planned on seeing or hearing from him before noon. The fog burned off and it was another picture perfect beach day. Caroline couldn’t be kept from the beach and we packed up while she enjoyed more time with Papa in the surf. We usually capitalize on a nap for the ride back and leave around 11:30 –12:00, but she was having so much fun with Papa and her second cousins that she was showing no signs of tiredness. We eventually called it a day at nearly 1 – rinsing off the sunscreen and sand in the outdoor shower, giving her some lunch, and saying our goodbyes. Caroline was asleep before we even crossed the bridge out of town and she slept until nearly 4:30. How do you think our night went on Sunday? – yeah, about that well. You play, you pay. While it did mean a bedtime struggle, spending those extra two hours with family was priceless and totally worth every pleading “time to go night, night.” We had a bit of a late night last night too – but we will get her back on track in time. Sometimes it is just worth it. Creating those memories and times seem far more important than keeping her on schedule.

The Dictator of Coloring Etiquette

I can’t post this without including some cute little Caroline story. Last night, while I was cleaning the dinner dishes, Steve was coloring with Caroline in the family room. Suddenly, “nooo!” She didn’t want Daddy to color there, or with that color. Our little dictator wanted to control his every coloring move. That’s Caroline. As soon as he would say, “ok, do you want Daddy to color with this crayon?” “Yeah!” So long as she feels she is the one calling the coloring shots, all is well.

We were down in the basement switching the laundry over and she wanted to climb into old standby – the swing. We thought, what the heck, and seeing her in the swing that once made her look so tiny brought alarming realization at just how big our little girl really is. We’ve come so far.


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