Blogbecue in Review

Yesterday we were so happy to be invited to the first of what we hope will be many blogferences. Ethan and his parents graciously hosted at their house where we had a yummy "linner" and enjoyed a sunny mild Saturday with Sammy V and Chase along with their entourages. These blog get togethers are a funny thing because though I had only met Sammy's fam once and had never officially met Ethan's, I feel as if I know them courtesy of their blogs. I can almost hear it now...

Random future person (perhaps a classmate of theirs at a prestigious college where all the children have been awarded FULL SCHOLARSHIPS! woo hoo!!): So Caroline, how do you know Sammy and Ethan?
Caroline of the future: Oh, the blog.
Random future person: bewildered silence

If it's even possible, these babies are cuter in person. Ethan shared many delicious smiles and Sammy was quite the talker. Chase, Ethan's cousin visiting from points north is at the reach and grab stage which I loved so much with Caroline. We missed the C3s and Rylan, especially when we unleashed our toddler and she was terrifyingly out of control for all but perhaps 10 minutes of the entire afternoon.

You never know what Caroline you are going to get. This was post nap wild Caroline who loves to run outside and since there was not one dog, but TWO - she was in absolute heaven petting them and chasing after them with their toys. Steve and I tag teamed it, but wow, was she exhausting. The silver lining was that she was pooped and in bed before 8. Let's just pretend that I didn't wake up at 4AM to hear her singing the ABC song to herself for about 30 minutes before she settled back down. I watched her from bed laying down on her back, kicking her feet, singing, wide awake.

So back to my own personal Tasmanian devil. I was sad that I was not able to really sit and chit chat IN PERSON, but mostly I am sorry that Caroline may have slightly terrified the new parents about toddlerdom. Caroline is in that awkward age where she wants to be completely independent, but she still needs constant supervision. Sure she can climb the stairs, but there is still a possibility that she might trip getting up or fall backwards. She knows how to follow directions and not to go near the dog's water bowl, but she goes over just to see how far she can push you. It's that weird place where you want to let her run, but you also know that you need to be watching her. You want to for example, let her explore under the table, but you still don't think it's the best idea. We were constantly picking our battles and when you're trying to pick battles with an audience, well, that is always challenging. There were mini-tantrums all afternoon about many, many things and her little pig tails underneath her sun hat looked more like little horns at the end of the day, which really seemed pretty appropriate.

I had no idea what to bring to amuse her because - you never know what Caroline you are going to get. Today is a totally different day and today she might have been quite happy sitting on a blanket reading books or coloring. I could have brought an enormous bag of all sorts of amusements, but none would have been as interesting as the Simpsons dominoes that Ethan's mom so wonderfully allowed her to play with that finally got her to sit down for more than 5 minutes. Thank you!

All that being said, she's a toddler and hey, yesterday was pretty representative of what this age is all about. I don't want to leave out that she was sweet to Chase and shared her very dangerous dominoes (it was the right spirit!). She ate at the table with us unrestrained. She climbed onto chairs to read sporadically. She sat on the cooler and said "beep, beep." She sat for whole moments at a time with Ethan's mom. She smiled and laughed and she really did have a great day!

So - in review - the blogbecue was great fun, exhausting for the McFam, and while we certainly hope we can do it again - we hope that perhaps Caroline's other personality - the one we got to spend the morning with today, who sat and read books for close to an hour, who went to her cubby and pulled out a new diaper when she needed one, who helped us clean up and just sat with me under her blanket - might attend the next one. Otherwise we might need to bring Baby Benadryl or something to knock her out.

It really was so nice to see you all in person and if we didn't scare you too much - let's try to plan another one!


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