Move over Nemo!

The McFamily managed to have a pretty wonderful end of the summer weekend at home despite some sniffles, a rather yucky sounding cough, and unforeseen traffic issues.

Friday afternoon I noticed Caroline had a runny nose and said a silent prayer to the Wellness Gods that she would be healthy enough to enjoy our planned Day of Fun up in Mystic on Saturday. She was a bit irritable and trust me, I can totally understand why because now the adults in our house are also suffering a bit from a scratchy throat, that terrible cough, and clogged noses. Yay!

Steve: “how can you be sick? It’s summer?”
Kerri: “I kiss your sick daughter on the lips!” (mmmmm mucous!)

Sniffles and a cough weren’t keeping us from our plans! We loaded up on snacks, amusements, and sunscreen and hit the road in time for the smallest member of the fam’s nap. Nap she did. Though only for an hour as we hit stop and go traffic in no less than 3 spots a few miles each en route. Oh how I hate you I-95.

Our hour-long trip was significantly longer than planned and we didn’t actually arrive at the Aquarium until after 1PM. I kept telling Steve that when we got there and she absolutely lost her mind with excitement he would forget all about the traffic and the delays. When we finally got in and walked by the Beluga Whale exhibit, I could see that he might not have forgotten the ride, but he granted the highway forgiveness because MAN, does our daughter LOVE fish.

We took her right inside to the big 360 tank and Caroline proceeded to scream with excitement, laughing, pointing, jumping. We got some cute shots of her standing at the tank, with her hands up against the glass. All that is missing the audio, but you can just imagine a shrieking excited 18 month-old.

We saw the Beluga Whale, the Sea Lions, The Penguins, and the Seal Rescue Program & Steve pet a stingray. We questioned her ability to sit through a sea lion show or an animal feeding amongst a big crowd in the heat, so we passed on that for this visit. Next time or at Sea World in a few years!

We packed her up and drove just around the bend to Mystic Seaport. I think Steve and I both agree that Caroline was just too young for this. Think Sturbridge Village meets the Ocean. Very cute, very educational, very much for an older child. Caroline did LOVE the wooden ship playscapes, though we exchanged a few confused looks as another toddler repeatedly told Caroline No and hit her hand. And SCENE! It was lovely to walk by the water and see the harbor, but after just a one-hour nap, it was all we could do to keep her in the stroller and not screaming. She was pooped and understandably so!

Thanks to our trusty GPS we were able to meander our way towards Mystic center and the home of Mystic Pizza. What a cute little town! Lots of Bed & Breakfasts, shops, pubs! Steve pulled over for a slice of that famous pizza, me giving him the stink eye that he was not only leaving me in the car solo with the unhappy overtired toddler, but also parked illegally. He came back to the car with the “two slice minimum” box of za and after we got moving again and I had a bite of this little “slice of heaven” I wanted to take that stink eye back and cram it up my own behind. Yum does not suffice! It was the perfect ending to a really enjoyable family day!

Yesterday Nana, Granda, and Uncle Brett came down to visit. We snacked on Ina’s Pan-Fried Onion Dip (sure to become a staple) and planned our upcoming Cape/Islands 4-day Extravaganza! I think we may have more on our list of things to do than there are days, but it is sure to be a great time. The boys hit the driving range and the girls shopped before we all met up back at home for pizza stone pizzas and berry salad. Any family dinner with my parents and brother is not complete without a peppercini eating contest. These used to be strictly between my Dad and I, but Brett has apparently been training and now I have some serious competition. I only managed three because the two of them were pulling so far ahead of me that I could not possibly win – so I saved my taste buds for another battle sure to take place at the Cape in a few weeks. Both Brett and my father managed to eat 8. EIGHT! I love the peppercini eating competition and I foresee a trip back to the News in Edgartown for Round II – surely to be following by Round III, Round IV, and Round V. Winner take all. We need a trophy or something! Should the competition be total rounds won or cumulative peppercini? (SEE POLL!!!)

Yesterday was a bit of a rough morning. Her royal sickness and royal sickness’ mum did a bit of shopping. I totally caved and bought paper towels for the first time in two weeks. I don’t think our house is ready to go paper towel free yet, but we will get there. I declared a minimum usage policy until another strategy toward Operation Paper Towel Free can be developed. Operation Paper Towel Free is not only a good idea, but also a way for me to combat Excessive Use of Ziploc Guilt and Disposable Diaper Shame. Ugh. We’ll get there…

My little sous chef Caroline helped with dinner and she did an amazing job putting together our Shepherd's Pie , if by amazing job you mean licking the mashed potato spoon. I love my little apron wearing helper.

Videos forthcoming!


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