Never ending coughing up a lung cough, but gorgeous dewey skin

That blasted cough won’t go away and woke us all up this morning at 5:30. Thankfully Caroline was able to roll around, play with her animals, and in general entertain herself for another hour because there was simply no way either of us were game for an early morning. Leave cough – GO AWAY!

As Caroline is getting older I am running out of excuses to sleep in a bit in the morning too. For awhile now I’ve been pushing my wake up time back further and further because I am many things, but I am not a morning person. (Once I am up I am up, but it’s the GETTING up that is so challenging.) I need to bite the a.m. bullet and alter our morning routine so I am up, showered, and with dry hair before Steve gets her up and dressed. AND just in time for fall when the sun rises later and waking up in complete darkness makes me slowly lose my mind. I will just need to tell myself that spending more time with her downstairs where she can read and play with her dolls while I have more time to make my lunch and eat breakfast really is a good thing afterall. More time spent having fun in the mornings, albeit in the dark, and less time redirecting her upstairs where pretty much everything shouts "danger! danger!"

The End.

We all have our little getting ready morning rituals don’t we. Wake up, brush teeth, slap water on face in an attempt to force eyes to an accommodating openness for contacts, curse eyes when contacts won’t go in on the first try, hop into the shower. In the shower – shampoo, rinse, and apply conditioner, body soap, face wash, rinse face and hair. Post shower – towel dry that hair, spin it on top of head turban style, robe, deodorant, apply facial toner. Everyday, the same routine, and we all have one.

Caroline has started observing mine and is clearly getting it.

- Tip toe stands to reach used cotton ball from facial toner which she then rubs on her nose, her cheeks, her neck (gross, but endearing no?)
- Stands on cedar chest behind me to brush my hair while I dry it, hopping down to retrieve an elastic which she doesn’t know how to use (and interestingly enough refuses to allow me to use on her)
- Comes back from the bathroom with a tiny baby powder I use to powder shoes I wear without socks. Sits down and mocks shaking powder into shoe and then shaking shoe to move it around and down into the toe (only does this with our collective favorite black flats, if we are the same size all my shoes are goners!)
- Begs to have blush also applied to her cheek (even will say cheese to expose those apples)
- Rinses her toothbrush and taps it on the sink (“tap, tap, tap”)
- Watches me move the gate from the stairs, revealing white paint that somehow got on the gate a long time ago has been transferred to the wall, I wipe it away, then she does… every morning (and then she practically leaps into my arms, which is sometimes sadly our first morning hug and holds onto me with the fierceness that reminds me that as much as I love and adore her, she feels the same way)

If nothing else I read the above as an excellent way for her to develop a tried and true skin care regimen, excellent blow drying skills, and proper shoe to outfit pairing. Though for that last one, she really needs to ask her Dad because I am not such a superstar in that area.


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