RIP Big Tree

We came home yesterday afternoon to a brand new front yard. Our neighbor Ann had given me the heads up, but Steve had no idea that the big tree on the planting strip was being taken down. We had put in a request for our tree to be reviewed by the Tree Warden. (Did you even know that there was such a thing as a Tree Warden?) The roots of the tree are beginning to move the sidewalk, breaking up the curb, and overtaking our tree belt. This Spring the electric company came in and trimmed the branches and pretty much chopped the entire middle section of the tree out, leaving two huge branches to be supported by just the trunk. We thought for sure that some of that tree was coming down during the big storm we had, but it didn’t and now it is GONE!

The Town did not leave a note of any kind, instead we have three nice reminders of our old tree – big holes from huge branches that the crew just let fall. Thanks! I put in a work order for them to be filled in for us, but I think we are better off getting some soil and doing it ourselves. For now there is potting mix in them to be sure that Caroline or the mailperson won't fall into one accidentally. YIKES!

So yay for more light, yay for less fall cleanup, but boo to the holey front yard that our other neighbor said is the best he has ever seen it. (He also said that the back is looking good and you can hardly tell where the pool was anymore. Um, hi scary stalker neighbor guy, though we really do appreciate the compliment.) I’d love to plant a smaller tree, but no one can plant there except the Town and I highly doubt they will ever get to it.

Sarah shared a funny story with me yesterday when I picked Caroline up from school. She said that Sonny/Hannah has been kind of feisty lately and had pushed Caroline down. Hannah got put in time out and Caroline growled at her. You know, the “what does a bear say?” growl. Yeah, that one. I’ll be thankful that she didn’t push her back, but growling???

Also - let's keep the votes coming - we need to make our weekend plans!


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